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Thread subject: katie luther eaglets
Name Date Message
Nancy L 06/18/10 12:08 pm They are really testing their wings today, hopping across the nest & getting higher each time.
Lori 06/18/10 12:48 pm Nancy? this is so totally off topic, but I know you kayak alot. My husband & I bought kayaks this spring, I can get in fairly gracefully & without tipping the boat but I will be damned if I know how to get out!! Got any pointers? Thanks :)
Mickey 06/18/10 01:49 pm you come in sideways to the shore or dock and use your paddle to pull in to run aground or use it to get up tight against a dock or stairs.
oopppppppsssssssss........Im not Nancy lol
Lori 06/18/10 07:31 pm No problem Mickey! I need & will take all the help I can get!! :)
Pamela 06/19/10 12:48 pm Lori, are you enjoying kayaking?
I keep considering it and mentioning it to my husband. What a great way to look at nests and the pictures Terry takes from the water are amazing. I can just picture my camera settling into the mud at the bottom of the river or bay :-(
Lori 06/19/10 08:49 pm We actually went today :) I do love it. What I like is that I can pick up the kayak & put it in the back of my truck & go, all by myself if I want to. The 2 that I bought came from LL Bean, only 10ft long & weigh, I think, 45lbs. They're not meant for using in the bay or rough water, but for the kayaking we do, on the Carmens or the Peconic it's just fine! I put my camera in a zip-lock bag, works very well! I still find it very hard to get out of! No problem getting in; but out is a whole 'nother story :)
Nancy L 06/20/10 01:51 pm Oh, yes, Lori -- getting out is the 'fun' part!!
I have found it 'easiet' to dock it on a beach area, so I can put one leg over the side & onto the ground. Then I seem to manage. I have not gone from the floating dock at the Carmans & can't imagine how I would get out, but maybe one day I will actually try it. Have fun!

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