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Thread subject: Is anyone watching Marge?? Is there hope??
Name Date Message
Anne UK1 06/20/10 09:39 am I can't believe what |I'm seeing. She's up and looking so much better. Could it be that's she's recovering ?
Anne UK1 06/20/10 09:46 am Look!
Anne UK1 06/20/10 10:00 am Well she stayed sitting upright for a good few minutes. But now she's down again. Maybe it was a last rally and I was too quick to think it was more.

Time will tell. I'm going to leave it for now and maybe check back in later when things might be a bit clearer one way or the other.

Apologies if I've wrongly raised anyone's hopes.
Celeste 06/20/10 10:10 am She did look alert Anne, it wasn't like she just picked her head up once, she did it more than the one time and even looked around. I know what you are saying in regards to "one last rally". As you say, time will tell.
Shelley 06/20/10 10:25 am I just posted this in the other thread:

10:15 am here and she has turned completely since I last looked. Now facing the right side of the nest and her head is up and she is looking around. She just shook her head, almost looks like she's rallying.

I agree that it looks like one last hurrah. I watch your video capture just now and while she certainly does look more lively than she has in the last 24 hours, the supreme effort it takes in every move, is evident. She needs to put her head down every few minutes but she did manage to turn herself and it looked like the chicks were moving along with her. She also hasn't had any food in her for all this time so she is likely weakened from that, as well. I wonder, if the male were to arrive with fish right now, would he instinctively feed her if he saw she was up, do you think?
Celeste 06/20/10 10:26 am It's 10:23am here, and she is back down again. Because I can only see this cam in a small square, I can't see if she is even faintly breathing at this point.
Celeste 06/20/10 11:16 am I was thinking the same thing Shelley, about her not having nourishment for a while...if she was rallying, nourishment would certainly help, however, I have to remind myself constantly that what we are seeing is once again "the first time", and as we know, there is something to learn every day no matter what the experts say:-)
Shelley 06/20/10 11:31 am She is up again, looking around. I heard an osprey call but it didn't look like her doing the calling. Still, I am anxious to see what, if anything, the male will do when he next arrives with a fish. I'm sure instinct will make him feed the chicks first but I wonder if he will feed her.
martyc35 06/20/10 01:06 pm The babies are eating. I can't tell if Dad is there, feeding them from the left of the screen, or whether they are eating something he left for them. No visible movement from Marge, perhaps light breathing. This is so sad.
Anne UK1 06/20/10 01:28 pm I think they're just finding scraps Marty. The male last brought in a fish around 2pm our time, so four hours ago now. From a great start he seems to have slacked off - I hope he ups his game again soon because those chicks are hungry and have been calling for food in the last hour or so.

Also when Marge was looking stronger I wondered if she'd take some fish if it was available. Leave it too long and I think the answer would definitely be no. She'd need it to be offered to her anyway though and, as Shelley says, I think the chicks would be in front of her in that queue.

It is sad, but I find I feel better having seen her looking brighter earlier on. It may not mean she's recovering, but it does seem she's not as distressed/in pain as I'd previously thought. A small crumb of comfort maybe, but a crumb nevertheless. And she was 'in touch' with her chicks during that brief spell earlier - that made me feel better too.

Still crossing my fingers that she's had some form of food poisoning and could pick up again. Unlikely I know but you have to hope don't you. I still wonder about her legs though - earlier she was sitting up and seemed okay apart from the feet didn't seem to be working. So hard to see properly in amongst all those sticks though.

Shelley 06/20/10 03:20 pm I am just tuning in again now after having been out for awhile. It is 3:20 pm here. I thought you were 6 or 7 hours ahead of us. Yet the cam pic looks like pure daylight. Wouldn't it be getting darker there by now? I am confused
Shelley 06/20/10 03:36 pm She just stood up! She is calling! I don't get much sound, even with my volume right up but I can see the chicks calling much more strongly. She sat back down now but that was startling to see.
Anne UK1 06/20/10 03:44 pm I don't know what's going on, but surely this ins't a bird who's at death's door? 10 minutes ago

I saw her wing flapping like this earlier as well, but was too slow to capture it.

8.43pm here Shelley. It's the longest day tomorrow so it's daylight until very late now - at least 10pm in the south where I am and close to 11pm up in Scotland I think. Crazy but extremely useful at times like this. I think there are only 4 hours of darkness up there at this time of the year.
Shelley 06/20/10 03:48 pm She is definitely calling now, too, along with her chicks. She is looking scruffy but as you say, not exactly at death's door, as she was hours ago.

OH!!! Dad's arrived. I have to go watch!
Anne UK1 06/20/10 03:53 pm More
Shelley 06/20/10 03:56 pm Dad is feeding 2 very hungry chicks. She probably has the instinct to know that they need to come first, and how long it ought to take before they are full. She shows no sign at all of even being interested in interfering. Will she attempt to get up and turn around once they're done? Will the dad notice that she is more alert and in need of nourishment? Will there even be anything left?

Such a soap opera!!!
Anne UK1 06/20/10 04:02 pm She definitely seems to be stronger, but she needs some nourishment and fluids. I don't think he'll notice her unless she can turn round and push herself in front of him. She nearly did just now, but she's dropped down again and still facing the wrong way.

At least he's brought a fish though that's something. He came in with one just after 7, but didn't stay. Only long enough for one chick to have a brief go at eating it, then he took off leaving all three disappointed.
Celeste 06/20/10 04:27 pm I've had company today, never expected to read all of this! I am speechless, and hopeful..!!!
Anne UK1 06/20/10 04:49 pm My spirits go up and down every couple of minutes. She got none of that fish, if only she was facing the other way he might notice her. I thought at first he had, but then the chicks took his attention and that was that. My hopes rise, then come crashing down again.

The osprey team have posted a comment on the blog which is probably about right:-

Osprey Team says:
June 20, 2010 at 9:23 pm
She does seem much stronger than earlier in the day and certainly from yesterday. Her breathing still seems laboured at times, but in general she seems brighter. This isn̢۪t to say she is likely to survive now, she is still gravely ill. All I would say is expect the worse but hope for the best!
If she does pass, it is likely the male won̢۪t stray to far from the nest, but he has stayed fairly close the whole season anyway. He will spend much longer on the nest now he has to feed the chicks, but whether he will spend the night on the nest or shield them from rain/sun only time will tell.
Shelley 06/20/10 05:01 pm When he came back so quickly with another fish, I thought for sure she would turn around and maybe he would attempt to feed her. He did seem to be looking at her from time to time but the chicks (well, one in particular) still wanted more so they got it. After that, I had to refresh and at the moment, I am having trouble getting a picture. I have closed the window and will try again later. Does this cam have night vision or should I just wait till morning, at this point, Anne?

I agree with the blogger, without any nourishment, any gains she might have made in strength today will be lost and she probably won't survive much longer. Sad but still, it was good to see her fight a bit. And I do feel that it is truly a blessing that she is on her own nest with her own family, not lost somewhere and alone. Maybe this is a *good* bird death, if there is such a thing (and hopefully, she isn't suffering too much). What more could anyone want?
Anne UK1 06/20/10 05:10 pm There is night vision Shelley, but it's not top quality. Plus there's a branch hanging down in front of the night cam that fills most of your vision as it's so bright. Last night was hopeless because she was so still and in among all those sticks, but if she's moving around more tonight it might be worth having a look. They stayed with the day cam until about 11pm our time last night so you've another hour to try to catch it.

I've lost the connection too and am trying to work out how to paste a url into media player, but I'm failing badly so might just have to give up for the day.

Shelley 06/20/10 05:24 pm When I was watching Molly the Owl, I learned how to do a screen capture. However, with this one, I don't see a way to make the cam into full screen. When I tried a screen capture, I got the whole screen page. I like to try to paste 2 pics before saving but I noticed that the frame of the actual cam was still *live* and when I scrolled up and down between my 2 screen capture pics, that *window* was empty, and I was actually just seeing the live cam. It's hard to explain but I realized that I wasn't actually getting a captured picture of the cam, just the whole page. Weird, but I don't know enough to understand, let alone explain!

Thanks, Anne. I will probably just wait till morning, too, to check back.
Anne UK1 06/20/10 05:43 pm If you right click on the cam it brings up a menu. Put your mouse over 'Zoom' - it opens another menu and you can select full screen from there.

When I first tried screen caps I had the same problem with it being the live cam. From memory I think you need to select 'Options' from that first menu. The box that opens has a slider (video acceleration speed). Move the slider along, you might find that fixes the problem. I've got mine set to the middle point.

If that doesn't work someone with more knowledge than you and me will know how to fix it.

I don't think the night vision cam will give you clear enough shots to be worth capturing though to be honest. And as things stand I don't think we're going to get any coverage for a while anyway. Still no connection here.
Trishrg 06/20/10 06:06 pm If you download and install Fraps, which has a free version, and is perfect for screen caps, you install, open and simply press F10 to take a capture, and it puts them in the folder of your choice, but by default C:/Windows/Fraps
It's a tiny program, and takes merely seconds to download and install.
Only downside to the free version, is it takes caps in .bmp format which is a large file. You just open and resave in .jpg though... that's what I do.

I've been watching this all too. It's too difficult to know what to say, but I feel right with you all.
Anne UK1 06/20/10 06:06 pm They're trying to sort out the cam feed at the minute Shelley, so it might be worth you looking in every so often. It's feeding into the osprey hq, but not onto the website, so Fiona (whose going to be doing the night vigil tonight) is going to try re-booting their computer.

Last message from her reads:-

Osprey Team says:
June 20, 2010 at 10:37 pm
Lady is snuggled up with her chicks, still fighting on. I̢۪ll get the cam back up if I can, if not, I will be sure to keep you all updated on any events.

Blog page is here
Anne UK1 06/20/10 06:08 pm Thanks for the tip about Fraps Trish. I'll have a look at that tomorrow - it sounds much quicker than using Paint.
Trishrg 06/20/10 06:42 pm Ummm... last I checked Anne, it's past your bedtime....
You should get some sleep yourself....
Shelley 06/20/10 07:54 pm Oh, I can connect now! I see what you meant, Anne, about that big branch. I do see some movement behind it but it is quite faint and difficult to really see who's who. Thanks for the blog link. I do agree with the team that said removing her before she has died would prove more traumatic and unkind. Not to mention the trauma that would bring to the chicks, as well. Leaving her to go in her own nest with her own chicks cuddling her is by far the best decision, truly.

I will check in tomorrow morning before I go to work.

Good night, all
Anne UK1 06/21/10 05:16 am Amazingly she's looking stronger again this morning. She sat right next to one of the chicks during a feed, but didn't ask for any for herself while I was watching. So strange, seeing her an adult yet looking like a submissive chick waiting her turn.

Maybe she's not yet ready to eat but I'm so hoping she will later today. Her eyes are closed most of the time so things definitely still aren't right but I did take a clip a short while ago where I swear she opened them to look out over the loch. I'll upload it later and post a link on here.

Meantime, I've just read this on the blog page which is interesting and raises my hopes a little:-

Val Gall says:
June 21, 2010 at 9:15 am
Dont know whether this will help but I had a similar situation last week with female at nest I monitor. She seemed dehydrated, had clearly not eaten for some time & generally seemed weak. The male was bringing in what appeared to be long dead, dry fish & this occurred over 2 days with the male feeding the chicks at all times. Then on Friday evening the male brought in a massive blue trout – still wriggling & the male fed the female first & only occassionally fed the chicks. She has improved dramatically over the weekend & seems almost herself again this morning. In the immediate area where this pair hunt the water levels of lochs & ponds are dramatically low as is the river, The Ardle. This female is 16 years old, the male is not ringed. I hope this is a bit of inspiration & I hope all improves for you all. I can bring over some pictures or forward some tonight if this would help for comparison.

My thoughts are with you all at this worrying time.

Val Gall
Pam 06/21/10 06:25 am She just stood up and flapped her wings quite strongly. She is looking around and occasionally looks up at the sky. This is amazing. I didn't have chance to check yesterday after I looked in first thing and now I find the change in her so encouraging.

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