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Thread subject: Lady Marge "cont'd"
Name Date Message
Celeste 06/21/10 05:19 am I thought I would move this thread up again as we watch the continuing saga of this valiant Lady. At this moment, Marge is very alert looking around and about with her chicks "being chicks". Only once for a brief moment did she put her head down, but mostly seems to be alert to her surroundings even arching her head to look behind her.

From what I can read, she has not eaten yet, and that of course is something she needs to do. Hopefully her will will prevail and she can get some nourishment. This is certainly a roller coaster.
Anne UK1 06/21/10 05:54 am Good idea Celeste. The other thread's getting a bit long now.

She looks so much stronger today doesn't she, but she does need to eat. I've seen two feeds and she's taken some interest but so far not had a morsel. Maybe next time.

This was my first glimpse of her today and it did raise my spirits :) Looking better
Pam 06/21/10 06:26 am She just stood up and flapped her wings quite strongly. She is looking around and occasionally looks up at the sky. This is amazing. I didn't have chance to check yesterday after I looked in first thing and now I find the change in her so encouraging.
Shelley 06/21/10 06:29 am Thanks for this, both of you. I am not having luck connecting at themoment and have to rush to get ready for work and water the lawn first. I will try to check in over my lunch hour later on. Hoping for the best (which would mean, her getting some food today!!)

Anne UK1 06/21/10 06:39 am I think this is what you saw Pam. Video at 11.20am

Definitely looking much brighter, but oh how she must need some nourishment now. Trouble is those little chicks are so hungry, she just won't push in front of them when fish is brought in. He needs to catch the hugest, wettest fish he's ever caught in his life. Fingers well and truly crossed.
Anne UK1 06/21/10 07:04 am I just found this on youtube - the feed at just after 8am this morning local time. So close and yet so far. Video
cathy 06/21/10 07:11 am She's standing up on her legs, flapping like she wants to take off. Now standing with wings spread over the chicks.
cathy 06/21/10 08:56 am The camera zoomed in on her eyes. They seem to be covered with something. The male brought in a fish and the chicks seemed to eat on their own. Even after he left, they were eating scraps. I didn't see the female eating anything.
DaisyG 06/21/10 09:05 am I don't think it is the fact that she won't push in front of the chicks for food, more that she has no appetite. I am sure once her appetite returns (thinking positively now) she will take the fish from him and have her share.
Anne UK1 06/21/10 09:16 am You may be right Daisy. She was calling for food yesterday and looking as if she wanted to get close but couldn't. Today she was in exactly the right place but showed no interest.

The latest on the blog is that as she's not eating they still don't expect her to survive. They say a bird this size could go four days without water so they're looking at tomorrow evening being the limit of her endurance as things stand.

I'm just amazed at the strength she seems to have in those wings. I wonder if she wants to take herself off the nest and retreat to some quiet corner if she realises the end is getting close.

As ever, we can only wait and watch. I am glad now though that they didn't intervene over the weekend. Better that she is in control of her own destiny if it's at all possible. And certainly with the strength she has now it would be a very dangerous task for her, the chicks and the person who tried getting near the nest at this stage.

DaisyG 06/21/10 09:29 am In my mind she is flapping her wings to test, exercise and strengthen them. They have had precious little exercise in the last couple of days.

Yes Anne, I entirely agree with the decision made by LOTL. Far too risky for all concerned and far too stressful for the birds. On her own nest, amongst her own kind would surely be the kindest and most natural way for her to go.

One day at a time and fingers crossed she eats soon.
Anne UK1 06/21/10 12:03 pm She was definitely asking for food on the feed that's just happened. I thought he was going to offer her some, but it all went to the chicks.

Looked like a small fish, it certainly didn't last long. I hope and pray he's gone off to catch another one and that this time she gets a share.

She's frantically flapping those wings again. I do hope she doesn't think it's a good idea to try to go fishing herself.
Anne UK1 06/21/10 12:11 pm Video of that feed
martyc35 06/21/10 12:57 pm I've been watching for awhile now (had to get up my nerve), and she is head up, looking around, wings protective, and constantly calling for food. I can't figure out where she is pulling that energy from, but she's certainly doing her job. Hope the dad gets there soon.
Celeste 06/21/10 01:09 pm I totally agree also. Thought about her a lot during the course of the last 2 days, and I really feel the best thing is to let Nature take it's course. She is a grand Lady who has I believe 47 hatched eggs out of 57 eggs in her long Osprey life. If she is to leave this earth she deserves to end it in those beautiful surroundings where for so many years she survived all those migrations. Can you imagine the obstacles she has faced in the years of her life? I am in awe of her!
martyc35 06/21/10 01:27 pm Is anyone catching the video? Marge is up on the nest perch, getting ready to fly. She continues to call for food, and so do the chicks. I thought dad was coming in, but I hope it's very soon, because she looks about ready to try to take off. I don't know whether she'd try that if she didn't feel she could do it, but it's really scary. Oops, she just took off, blying out over the water. Now, I'm just holding my breath. Anyone else on here?
Tiger 06/21/10 01:29 pm Marge has just flown.
martyc35 06/21/10 01:34 pm The cam has been panning around over the nearby shallows, looking for her, but no sign. I think she made it. At least, I think I could see her taking off over the water, not just falling down into it. I'm always amazed at ospreys, and now I'm amazed again. The chicks have stopped calling for food and are calmly grooming themselves.
DaisyG 06/21/10 01:37 pm Will she have the strength to get back? I sincerely hope so.
Anne UK1 06/21/10 01:38 pm Oh no :( I thought that's what she was building up to. I'd turned off for a while but I'm sure there will be a video on you tube before long.

Poor Marge. I'm still praying she's recovered enough strength to get through this, but I'm more inclined to think she's gone off to find a quiet corner for her last moments.
martyc35 06/21/10 01:45 pm Does anyone have a fresh link to the SWT LOL blog page? I just tried the one that was posted here yesterday, and it won't work for me. Says Safari can't open the page; of course, it might be high traffic just now.
Anne UK1 06/21/10 01:59 pm Here Marty - Blog

Am I seeing what I think I'm seeing on that nest??? Someone tell me I am!
Melanie 06/21/10 02:00 pm If you are seeing what I'm seeing, then yes.
Tiger 06/21/10 02:01 pm Marge is back on the nest after having a drink by the loch.

I guess we should all have one too.
Anne UK1 06/21/10 02:02 pm The blog's not been updated since just before she flew. All comments are checked before hitting the screen I think and I imagine the folk up there are a bit busy just at the minute.

Someone please tell me this is 'live' footage I'm watching, not an old recording.
Tiger 06/21/10 02:03 pm Yes it is live footage.
Anne UK1 06/21/10 02:04 pm Oh thank you Tiger! Did you see her return (it is her isn't it?). She looks a bit wet to me.
DaisyG 06/21/10 02:04 pm I am going to have a whisky! :)
Anne UK1 06/21/10 02:05 pm Yes. I certainly feel in need of a stiff drink. Now come on Green 7Y, bring her a fish.

I was thinking after the 5pm feed maybe she should just grab the next one that comes in. Then I thought if she does leave us he might not go back to feeding the chicks again. But now ... well I'm just holding my breath and hoping.
Anne UK1 06/21/10 02:09 pm I do have this wonderful scene on my computer :)

DaisyG 06/21/10 02:09 pm I think when Marge is ready for fish she will definitely grab one :)
martyc35 06/21/10 02:16 pm Oh, my god. I just left for a few minutes to watch Andy Roddick win at Wimbledon, and here she is, again, refreshed and looking quite strong. C'mon, Mr. Laird, it's time for food. Thanks for the link and the video, AnneUK1. I'm staying here, now. Somehow, I felt she wouldn't fly unless nature told her she could do it. How she knows that is the miracle.
Anne UK1 06/21/10 02:16 pm Is this the moment when she flew? I'm sure it must be - need to go watch it now, but thought I'd share it on here first :) Video
Celeste 06/21/10 02:22 pm WOW! :)))
DaisyG 06/21/10 02:27 pm Brilliant Anne! Thanks for the clip. I had just gone outside to bring in some washing and missed it :)
martyc35 06/21/10 02:28 pm Yes, you got it very well, and your video confirms that one can see her flying out past the tree in the center of the pic, over the water, and on out. She looked pretty strong, but now I think it will be up to the male to bring food. I'd be absolutely astounded if she proved strong enough to catch a fish. But she is definitely preening and behaving as if things are pretty well back to normal.
pccompton 06/21/10 02:32 pm Has she flown 3 times today?
Celeste 06/21/10 02:34 pm She's standing strong and alert looking around and about! What a story!
pccompton 06/21/10 02:39 pm She needs a fish now!
DaisyG 06/21/10 02:42 pm Why do you say 3 times pccompton?
This is the first time since she took ill on Friday.

She hasn't been interested in food up to now. I am sure when she is she will get fish.
martyc35 06/21/10 02:48 pm Well, with all our "reporting" it must seem like three times to someone who just popped in here to catch up. Daisy, she is sounding very interested in food right now, don't you think? Got her voice back after that drink of water. I am so geographically impaired that I had to look up "loch" to be sure that is fresh water out there. Yup. Duh.
pccompton 06/21/10 02:51 pm Someone on another blog reported that she had flown twice since the initital flight today. I am asking if ya'll saw just one flight, or more than that. They may have been watching Loch Garten and got them confused.
Pam 06/21/10 02:51 pm Been watching Wimbledon on TV and was delighted to read here that she had flown !! It's looking good for her now. I have high hopes.
pccompton 06/21/10 02:54 pm Thanks, Anne for the video Link....Looks like Y7 has returned with a fish....she is mantling it, I kinda blinky at the bottome so hard to tell
martyc35 06/21/10 02:57 pm Yes, especially since dad just landed with a fish and it looks like she is taking over the feeding again, which means as soon as she can quiet those excited babies down, she should work in a few bites for herself. Well, I'm going out for some lunch myself, now that I can breathe again. Well done, ospreys, you are exceptional birds. I see the young ones are feeding themselves this time:-). He needs to bring more food, more and more!
pccompton 06/21/10 02:59 pm She is letting the chicks have at the fish, now she is calling and calling....good sign! Keeping fingers crossed here.
Celeste 06/21/10 03:00 pm My reception is blinking a lot, but it looks like one of the chicks has the fish and is feeding himself. The Lady continues to stand and look around and about not taking any
for herself at this point.
martyc35 06/21/10 03:02 pm followup, pc, as far as I know, she has flown just this once in three days since she returned to the nest, apparently deathly ill, and stayed down until the time of AnneUK1's video above. Hope this clarifies,
DaisyG 06/21/10 03:07 pm That was no fish, it was a shrimp! Come on Frank, you can do better than that!
pccompton 06/21/10 03:08 pm Thanks, Marty
Anne UK1 06/21/10 03:09 pm I'm the person who knows least because I missed everything - thank goodness for message boards is all I can say! But it does look as if it was just that one flight taking off at 6.30 and back by 7pm.

I've had to go out again since my last post on here so I am so pleased to read that dad has brought in a fish. I can see the two chicks fighting over a small piece now. If nothing else, their development in that area will have been advanced by this awful saga.

Who would have thought on Saturday that we'd be seeing this sight now. My hopes were raised on Sunday morning and even more so through today, but to see this apparent real recovery is just miraculous. The power of mother nature, or the power of prayer - who knows, but it doesn't half make you feel good to see her looking so like her old self again. Long may it last :)
pccompton 06/21/10 03:10 pm I am so amazed at today's events...I have been watching all weekend....I was at lunch when she flew off today, so I missed it. Thanks again for the links, Anne
Anne UK1 06/21/10 03:13 pm You're very welcome - the internet at its finest I'd say.

A quick thank you from me to everyone on here too. I honestly don't know what I'd have done without this message board over the last few days.
cathleen 06/21/10 03:21 pm Thanks for the video, Anne. That girl is one INCREDIBLE osprey - I can hardly believe it's true, coming back to this story and the view of the flight! She is more than awesome...
Anne UK1 06/21/10 03:31 pm She is Cathleen. Absolutely amazing. And think of all the chicks that have inherited her genes over the years. One incredible osprey indeed :)
DaisyG 06/21/10 03:42 pm Another fish, Marge hanging on to it :)
Tiger 06/21/10 03:46 pm A great piece of footage from STV. See Marge in the loch
DaisyG 06/21/10 03:46 pm No, she has allowed the chicks to take it!
martyc35 06/21/10 03:54 pm Back with my take-out (we have great grass-fed burgers here), and glad to see the fish are coming in. Perhaps if she can gain enough strength, she will be able to go out and catch a fish of her own, eat it away from the nest, and not have to compete with her (seemingly very strong) chicks. Oh, I can see now that she has hold of a small fish.That's the best scene I've seen in days.
Marlee 06/21/10 03:57 pm Thank God I found you. Been over on the UK Blog for 2 days. I couldn't find my ID or password to get to here. I thought over there she had flew out of nest. I waited but no one posted anything so I thought I was wrong. Good to see the video's and the great postings.
martyc35 06/21/10 03:59 pm And dad just arrived with another one! He seems to know, somehow, that extra effort is needed. Looks like he will feed them while she eats some, too. I have to editorialize here, just a bit, to say that he is a better father than my kids had. And that is saying something!
pccompton 06/21/10 04:01 pm 21 June 2010
Our web blog is down at the moment. We are working hard to fix the problem. My apologies to all who are watching the camera and reading the blog. I will try to keep you updated through this page. The Lady is proving to be a very tuff old bird and amazing to watch but I donĂ¢€™t think she is out of the woods yet. She flew off the nest earlier and glided to the edge of the Loch. She then took four drinks of water then flew back up to the nest. She did have difficulty in finding the nest. She looked quite disorientated. She has been back there now for over an hour and has been food calling. The male came in with a very small pike a short while ago. He left it for the chicks to fight over. After they finished the pike (which Mum showed no interest in) Mum moved to look down through the sticks in the side of the nest as if she was urging the chicks to look. They did and one of them pulled out a very small fish that had been lodged in there somehow. Just amazing! Peter
DaisyG 06/21/10 04:02 pm They are feeding one chick each! :)))
pccompton 06/21/10 04:05 pm Now Dad is feeding both and Mom is eating.

I don't think anyone in their wildest dreams thought we would be seeing this today.

And look, is that the 3rd egg.

UH OH, chick fight!
martyc35 06/21/10 04:10 pm Yes, looks like the third egg, and let's feel they are blessed because it didn't hatch. Not even Flag could have withstood being the runt in this situation.
Marlee 06/21/10 04:16 pm It is a God's gift Isla is eating!!!!!
I don't think when all this started most even Peter
had thought she would have already come to her death. She is "THE GRAND LADY ISLA OF LOCH OF LOWES"!!!
Lady continue to ill and become more healthy.
DaisyG 06/21/10 04:23 pm What a huge relief to see Marge eating at last. What a weekend, what a day! :)
Anne UK1 06/21/10 04:30 pm What a wonderful sight! Has Marge eaten some of that fish herself? I do hope so, but just to see she has the energy and strength to feed the chicks is joy beyond belief.
Celeste 06/21/10 04:31 pm I love it! I step away and keep coming back to the greatest news!!!!!! Thank goodness we have this DPOF board to report all things osprey, (though I do miss our cam terribly), it's so nice to be doing what so many have us have done traditionally all these years on this board and at "this" time of year observe, report and learn ALL THINGS OSPREY!

Thank you DPOF!!!!
DaisyG 06/21/10 04:32 pm Yes she has Anne. They started off feeding one chick each then Frank fed them both while Marge ate. Wonderful stuff! :)
Anne UK1 06/21/10 04:42 pm Thanks Daisy. I've lost the cam at the minute but I can live with that for now.

Celeste I second your every word and thought. Many thanks to Tom and Dave for keeping this board up and running for us.
Shelley 06/21/10 04:53 pm Wow. I have only begun to watch this cam since the weekend. I did not know there was a third egg (Molly's unhatched owl egg in California was named *Dudley* ;-). And Tiger, thanks for that clip!! I had a bit of a hard time understanding some of the thick brogue but not enough trouble to impede the enjoyment. Great footage of her in the water, too.

Wow, this soap opera gets better and better. I think I will start posting in the newer link as this one is sure to slide off the first page any time now
Anne UK1 06/21/10 05:21 pm Wonderful clip, thank you Tiger :) And what impeccable timing by our female - almost as if she knew the cameras were coming.
Celeste 06/21/10 05:37 pm Yes Tiger Thank you! It's really great that the News is covering this story! Across the miles has gotten "closer":-)

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