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Thread subject: Some words of caution from the osprey team at LotL
Name Date Message
Anne UK1 06/21/10 03:28 pm Their blog is down at the moment apparently - probably not surprising with what's happened in the last hour or two.

I thought I'd just copy over these two messages - the firs from before she flew, the second from afterwards. I'd just been wondering if I should contain my excitement for a while longer and these words tell me I probably should. I thought I'd post them on here in case anyone can't access the pages just now:-

June 21st, 2010 by Osprey Team
6pm Update:
Our female osprey, though a wee bit stronger, is still definately weak and dehydrated. Her eyes are still partially closed and she has taken on a very sunken appearance, and her co-ordination is poor- all of these are worrying signs that still indicate a poor prognosis.
Obviously we will be with her through the night and watching every
detail. The good news is that the chicks are looking good- dad is really an amazing bird.
Please be patient with us on the Blog- with all that is going on here we may not be able to give individual replies just now, but tommorrow we hope to summarise lots of answers and recap events.
Thanks Emma Rawling
Perthshire Ranger

Second update is slightly more upbeat:-

21 June 2010
Our web blog is down at the moment. We are working hard to fix the problem. My apologies to all who are watching the camera and reading the blog. I will try to keep you updated through this page. The Lady is proving to be a very tuff old bird and amazing to watch but I donĂ¢€™t think she is out of the woods yet. She flew off the nest earlier and glided to the edge of the Loch. She then took four drinks of water then flew back up to the nest. She did have difficulty in finding the nest. She looked quite disorientated. She has been back there now for over an hour and has been food calling. The male came in with a very small pike a short while ago. He left it for the chicks to fight over. After they finished the pike (which Mum showed no interest in) Mum moved to look down through the sticks in the side of the nest as if she was urging the chicks to look. They did and one of them pulled out a very small fish that had been lodged in there somehow. Just amazing! Peter
Shelley 06/21/10 04:33 pm I am home now and just logged on. I can't believe what I am reading!! At least she has had a drink. I hope somehow, she gets food, too. And the fact that she actually flew off and was able to return, however unsteadily, is nothing short of miraculous. You know, I think she knows that the end is near but in her own way, she is determined to be the master of her own fate. I am so thankful that there are caring individuals to observe and report. And wait to follow her lead, whatever it may be.
Celeste 06/21/10 04:36 pm Yes, whatever will be will be, in either case it will never change the fact that she is and will always be a
Grand "ole" Lady!
Anne UK1 06/21/10 04:39 pm Oh Shelley, I was just too late with your special message above. Typical me, lol.

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