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Thread subject: The LotL blog seems to be working again
Name Date Message
Anne UK1 06/21/10 04:47 pm here. I think it may take quite a while to read this evening!
Celeste 06/21/10 04:52 pm The Lady is feeding her chicks! Can't see the size of the fish, but both chicks are being fed! Unbelievable! Chicks are blocking her beak but she also seems to be taking a piece here and there for herself in fact she just turned her back to them and from her movements she seems to be tearing at the fish, slightly turned towards the chicks now and there is a long piece hanging from her beak.
Shelley 06/21/10 04:55 pm Celeste, I just saw her chow down a piece or two!
martyc35 06/21/10 05:02 pm It's fortunate that we can still see her, as it must be getting close to dark there. Maybe with water and a little food, she can rest through the night and gain more strength. I hope.
Anne UK1 06/21/10 05:07 pm They stayed with the day cam until around 11pm local time last night Marty, so maybe another hour of decent viewing. Lucky for us it's the longest day.

Edited to add there's only about four hours of darkness up there this time of year, so she shouldn't have to wait too long for breakfast either. It will be even better if he brings in a late supper tonight.
Pam 06/21/10 05:28 pm Good to see Marge eating her supper and feeding the chicks too. It all looks so normal - hard to believe she was taken for dead a few hours ago.
Anne UK1 06/21/10 06:00 pm Blog update:-

June 21st, 2010 by Osprey Team
22:36 Update

What a day it has been for all involved. Isn̢۪t this bird amazing, she has now fed herself and the chicks 4 times now this evening. This is good news and yes there is a but, but she still is not 100%. Lets hope our male can get some fish into the nest early tomorrow morning so she can feed again soon. Fiona and I will be here through the night to keep an eye on her. We will keep the blog updated as usual, which reminds me to thank the guys at Red Paint for getting the Web blog up and running again. They do a great job for us.
martyc35 06/21/10 06:35 pm I finally got to go over and read their blog, and they say that's a branch on screen, hanging in front of the infrared camera. Lots of crying going on on that blog. Yes, it's been a dramatic day. It will be sad to realize that this must be Marge's last nesting season. I'm sure there is no way she could make it to South Africa after this. Even so, it's a happy day for LotL, and I'm glad I got to see it. NIght all,
DaisyG 06/22/10 03:26 am After all this I wouldn't rule anything out for Marge Marty. Wouldn't surprise me in the least if she turns up again next Spring! :)

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