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Thread subject: Has This Been The Most Rivetting Story Ever?
Name Date Message
Tiger 06/21/10 05:56 pm I know there has been many dramatic events but has this LoTL drama been the most tense of all?

I think it has certainly been the most widely covered.
Anne UK1 06/21/10 06:04 pm I put it on a par with Dennis going missing for those five days Tiger. I couldn't put a hair between them for anxiety and the feelings of helplessness and hopelessness.

This one must definitely be the most widely covered though. She was already famous, so I guess she had a head start there. I hope she's got a good agent - she ought to command a decent fee I reckon.
Celeste 06/21/10 06:15 pm It certainly is one for the books, and I mean that literally. Either way this story ends, this particular osprey exemplifies the will to survive,the instinct to breed and tend to her chicks, and speaking of chicks, lets not forget those osprey chicks from her past and now who have inherited her genes! This is streaming live video at its finest, giving us the privilege of witnessing such an event and learning from it also!
martyc35 06/21/10 06:39 pm Yes, before Dennis went missing and then miraculously returned, I thought Flag's survival was the most dramatic, but now, considering all of the stories we've watched, this seems right up there with the most stirring. Have you read their blog? Some people have been up all night watching this unfold. Lots of tears over there.
Shelley 06/21/10 07:23 pm Definitely ranks right up there! Although, I have to say, I watched the hummingbird cam earlier this month and last and there was much drama there too.We watched as a lizard tried to get the eggs and on camera, we witnessed the mother hummer actually remove one of the eggs from the nest in her beak, something I believe has never been witnessed before. I think it was to prevent it from smelling and attracting other predators (I think it may have been a dud). Anyhow, that had people pretty freaked out. Then, on her last clutch, a crow attacked, knocking over the cam and the nest. One chick (practically ready to fledge) was found and put back in the nest by the host but the other chick was never found. We don't know if it actually fledged or was caught by the crow. The second chick did hatch, days later.

So much drama in the skies (and trees). If only people thought to look up.......
cathleen 06/21/10 07:32 pm All I can say is that I hope before my human life is over I can be half the creature Marge has shown herself to be. What a fright and privilege to watch nature at its highest moments. I am completely in awe as a fellow being...
Trishrg 06/21/10 08:19 pm I'm astonished reading all the posts from today.
Amazing, and thank you all for the great coverage.
This really is an incredible story, regardless of the outcome. Hope is not lost as it seemed yesterday though. What a good find to come home to.
cathy 06/21/10 09:54 pm I still wonder what happened to put her in this state. I always like to think of all the unobserved animals and their strivings to follow their instincts. Those that we see on the web cam are just a sample of the many.
Trishrg 06/21/10 10:30 pm The way she seemed almost paralyzed there for a long while, made me think of poison, or toxin. I can't fathom WHAT but that's what came to mind.
But as others mentioned, if that were the case, why only her? So that didn't really make good sense. Unless she somehow managed a small snack on her own, we just may never know though.
I know here in So Cal, we sometimes have "red tide" which can poison fish, which in turn can poison the birds that eat them. Or the chicks they feed the fish to.
Don't know what could be going on there though.
Lori 06/21/10 10:54 pm could she have suffered some sort of stroke?
Anne UK1 06/22/10 02:57 am The thinking was that she had had a stroke of some sort Lori. What they think now is anybody's guess. Given the way she seems to have picked up it makes you think she must have ingested something bad that has now cleared through her system but I guess we'll never know for sure now - thank goodness.

Shelley you just reminded me about the hummers. Did you know they think both chicks survived? Joe who runs the cam saw two juvies in the garden with the adult one morning soon after Hoku fledged. He said there's no way Phoebe would allow a stranger into her territory so he's almost sure it must have been Hope and Hoku.

So many amazing stories this year. The hummers, little Hope bear and now Marge. I just hope we've had our share of worry now and the rest of the year passes more normally. I still remember reading the warning on this site when I first found the DPOF cam - that we're watching nature in the raw and it can be tough. Oh so true.
DaisyG 06/22/10 03:39 am Yes, for me it is right up at the top. It has been a truly amazing and uplifting few days.

Happy to say Marge is sitting there fish chirping this morning as if nothing has happened.

She is probably thinking "Och, I dinna ken whit a the fuss is aboot masel".
Celeste 06/22/10 05:05 am And fish at this moment is being delivered, at first I thought she was going to feed the chicks, but I think she has her own fish and the male is feeding the chicks with another catch! I can't make my Quick Player any bigger to verify, but I do believe she is eating her own! Amazing!
Anne UK1 06/22/10 05:31 am On top of that Celeste, when he flew away to go fishing again the chick he'd been feeding was left with a fair chunk of fish that he carried on eating by himself for a while as well. And to think I was worried when I looked in at 7am local time this morning and found they were still waiting for breakfast. He's making up for lost time now!

The more I watch, the less I believe what I'm seeing. And yet it's really happening.

I wonder where the chicks are putting all this fish, but then it did seem he was bringing in quite small fish over the last couple of days - perhaps in the hope that they could manage them by themselves? Maybe just coincidence, but that last one he brought in was definitely a fair bit bigger than any I've seen for a while. I think we should see some sleepy chicks pretty soon :)
Shelley 06/22/10 07:00 am Anne, yes, I had read that about what Joe wrote. I think it is most likely exactly what happened. I think it's probably true of any species, that a mother bird wouldn't just feed any hungry chick who happens along, if it isn't hers (though I know from my own frontyard experience that a cowbird chick will be fed by its host mother but even then, that is because its egg was placed in her nest and hatched there, effectively making it *her* chick)
Trishrg 06/22/10 08:07 am What a great sight to wake up to.
I see her doing some wingercising, and looking and finding some scraps of food.
It's windy, and not probably optimal fishing weather.
The chicks look content, not begging for food.

As compared to the time Dennis disappeared.... I dunno, that was way up there in the drama dept.
Not knowing what happened to him, Betty being under siege from intruders, and no food???.... that was pretty hairy suspense.
This drama now was looking to be more of just pure in your face heartbreak. So glad things are looking up!

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