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Thread subject: Lady Marge "cont'd"
Name Date Message
Celeste 06/22/10 05:27 am Anne just verified the first amazing sight of the day that I posted about in another thread from yesterday. As Anne says, "Super Dad" has brought in plenty of breakfast this morning for ALL! Since this nest has become the "Osprey Nest of the moment, I have taken the liberty of starting a new thread again. Here's to a good day to "the" Nest and to all of us!
Anne UK1 06/22/10 05:37 am Well done Celeste. I wish now we'd done an obs thread over the last few days. At the time it wouldn't have seemed like a great idea, but it would make fascinating reading now.
Anne UK1 06/22/10 06:05 am A short but sweet clip of Marge taking a break after that mammoth feeding session. Video

Now I'd best switch off and do something 'useful' for a while. Have a good day everyone :)

Pam 06/22/10 06:54 am Even Marge was doing something useful, shifting a few twigs around. She looks fine this morning, maybe a little bit wobbly but alert and moving about well. Chicks are calling for what's new :-))
Shelley 06/22/10 07:01 am It's going to be a good day! She is feeding the chicks right now!
Pam 06/22/10 07:40 am She was just off the nest and flew back, strongly, straight into the nest, no problem, and now she is tidying up again. What a girl !!
Pam 06/22/10 07:58 am Did somebody say she wouldn't make Africa this year? I wouldn't bet on it.
Trishrg 06/22/10 08:50 am Male just brought in a huge fish. I was thinking due to the wind it would be rough hunting today.
cathy 06/22/10 09:11 am Back from a day away - its great to see her standing feeding chicks, looking OK. What a strong bird! What a surprise. Perhaps it was the get well wishes from thousands of cam watchers that made this happen.
Trishrg 06/22/10 10:07 am NICE!
I'm at work now, and they are still feeding!
This is such a great sight!

Have a groovy day all.
DaisyG 06/22/10 10:52 am I wouldn't bet on it either Pam :)
martyc35 06/22/10 11:43 am I was the doubter on Africa, and now I'm wishing I hadn't had that thought, or written it down, anyway.
As with yesterday, I am so glad you are all here, as I have lab and doc appts today, so will be in and out while you watch. She's looking good!
Anne UK1 06/22/10 01:44 pm I think it was a fair thought to have Marty - they're certainly thinking as much on the LotL site. For me, the main thing is that she sees these two chicks fledge, what happens after that is in the lap of the gods as it is every year - particularly so in this female's case as every year they don't expect her to return.

So far she's proved everyone wrong, wouldn't it be incredible if she did again next year. If she doesn't then I'd like to think the new female on this nest will be one of her offspring, returning to take up the role her mother's played so well for so long.

You know the funny thing is I'm more nervous about clicking on that cam on today. Isn't that silly, but I still can't quite believe the recovery she's made.

Oh, just looking at her now they're giving us a lovely close up and her eyes look wonderful. Maybe not quite right still, but so much better than they were a day or two ago. Just uploading the clip now so I can add it here - I see I've downloaded nearly 150 clips over the last few days, I think it's time to do some sorting out! Here we go - video
martyc35 06/22/10 02:30 pm Thanks for the video; she is definitely looking and sounding much better today. I have the cam on, but it keeps going on and off, so the steady video helped. Of course, it's getting late again in Scotland, but it's been great to see as much as I have seen today. Looking in, one would never guess what the last week was like for this nest. Amazing!
Celeste 06/22/10 03:12 pm Thank you Anne for taking the time to make the videos. I just got home and it's good to see. I do agree totally about your thoughts about the Lady. It will be wonderful if she can see this nest through to Fledging, and if this is to be her final year as it could be for any osprey who must make these difficult migrations, so be it. She has certainly left a long special legacy, and hopefully one of her chicks will take over the nest and carry on as you put it so well, what she has done so well for so long--- now wouldn't that be something!
Anne UK1 06/22/10 04:28 pm Oh, it's my absolute pleasure to be able to make the videos. I only started on Sunday when I thought she was looking brighter - I couldn't bear to record the way she was the previous day apart from the one where the male started feeding the chicks.

But from Sunday on I was so desperate to see more positive signs I just kept clicking that download button hoping to catch sight of something worth sharing, but never in my wildest dreams did I expect what we're seeing now.

Now I've so many clips to go through, the majority aren't worth uploading but some definitely are and when I've got a spare couple of hours I'll add them to my youtube page.

I just looked in at the cam. There's a feed taking place and everything looks just the way it should. Who'd ever have believed it.
martyc35 06/22/10 05:08 pm It must be getting near dark there by now, but Marge is continuing a quiet and calm feeding of the chicks. Those two certainly have big appetites! They are behaving better today, though. I love that little peep-peep they do, seeming to say thank you for every bite. It's a thankyou day all round, eh?
Shelley 06/22/10 05:36 pm Getting dark now definitely. A little one just shot a rocket off the side, and mum continues to peck around. Her back is to the cam so it's hard to tell if she is actually eating or just housecleaning or maybe just cleaning her beak on that big stick.

Thanks for all your input here today. I will look at your video clips later on, just got home
cathy 06/23/10 03:53 am All seems normal. Fish is being ripped and given to chicks. Marge is eating some. Chicks aren't panting. There's the unmistakable buzz of flies near the mic. Watching some more, she still seems a little wobbly.

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