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Thread subject: Pelican Story
Name Date Message
Melanie 06/22/10 11:17 am I expect this will probably get overshadowed by the drama at Loch of the Lowes, but my pelican story has come out for anyone wanting a break.
Celeste 06/22/10 11:49 am Just finished reading your article out loud for myself and Frank! Really great Melanie! Congrats! Also, trying to get you on "video chat". Where are you?
Melanie 06/22/10 12:11 pm Sorry - I was giving the boss some figures (like I don't have enough to do that I have to manage circulation, everyone's computers, give the boss reports, write articles and now worry about the bird blog that I VOLUNTEERED to do. Doh!)

Chat me up when you get back - I'll be here at my desk.
kareninMD 06/22/10 01:10 pm Great article Melanie! Thriving pelicans are surely a good news story considering the tragedy in the gulf. Also enjoyed the Holland Island history - my husband had family members among the extinct human population there.
Lori 06/22/10 01:27 pm As you know... I read it & loved it :)
Melanie 06/22/10 02:12 pm Karen - you will appreciate this website about Saving Holland Island (if you don't already know about it)
martyc35 06/22/10 02:13 pm I just read it and loved it, too, Mel. Good work. I'm relieved to know so many brown pelicans are breeding there. I am sure I saw a documentary about Holland Island, or the area, at least. Is that one you posted, or did I just stumble on it on public tv? We have both brown and white pelicans out here, but they don't breed this far north on the left coast, either. They do fish in Humboldt Bay, though, and here are a few shots to prove it:HERE and HERE and HERE and HERE. May they all survive!
Melanie 06/22/10 03:14 pm They really are funny birds! You may have see something about Holland Island on one of the shows in the Lighthouse Series that was a few years back. It was spotlighted on a program called "Outdoors Maryland", a local PBS production and I never seem to be prepared for when it comes on to tape it. They also did one about the fellow I go banding with - I managed to get that one on DVD ;-p Holland is also currently being mentioned in a Maryland PBS program called Chesapeake Bay by Air (not that it benefits anyone out of the Maryland area). That lone-standing house is a pretty iconic image. It's also where I encountered the ground osprey nest.
Trishrg 06/22/10 03:33 pm Great writing Melanie~ Loved it!
Love the details about the little gull chick too. Great pix to add.
Thanks for sharing and breaking up the drama of LoL a bit. A welcome distraction for sure.
Anne UK1 06/22/10 04:47 pm I read it and loved it too - and the photos. Definitely a very welcome distraction. But seriously - they brood their eggs by standing on them!? That's so odd.

Marty I love that third photo! I don't think I've ever seen anything quite like that in my life :)
martyc35 06/22/10 05:02 pm If any bird looks like a flying dinosaur, it has to be the brown pelican. Watching them out here makes one feel positively primeval. Pelicans can be stunningly beautiful, too. One early morning at Shollenberger (Petaluma, CA), I was privileged to watch a flock of around fifty white pelicans take off from where they had spent the night and head back to Bodega Bay for some breakfast. Oh, my, they were positively regal in their collective whiteness. I've never regretted getting up early after a storm to go out there. I was looking for bitterns and kites, but the pelicans were a delicious bonus.
Shelley 06/22/10 06:53 pm Great article, Melanie!
cathy 06/23/10 06:19 am Very informative and well written. I enjoyed reading it.
Nancy L 06/23/10 12:47 pm Thanks, Mel. I enjoyed it.

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