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Thread subject: Love it! LOL Blog and Seeing "new" things...
Name Date Message
Celeste 06/23/10 04:39 am More and more these cams are providing information that the "experts" can take notice of.

On the latest blog regarding the Lady...
I have spoken to our vet and to other people who have been dealing with ospreys for many more years than I and they all say the same: that they have never seen an osprey like this. Thanks to the cameras, we are privileged to watch these birds and are learning more and more about them every day with the aid of new technology. I have no doubt we have far more to learn than we already have. I am looking forward to these birds teaching us more about their lives. Peter

Shelley 06/23/10 05:30 am Good morning, Celeste. I have just logged on and read that, too. It's such a good feeling to read something like that and know that we are part of it. I don't know how long this Lof L cam has been in operation but I will always feel that DPOF was the first live streaming video with sound (even if it isn't exactly true) and that our obs page as well as our regular board, have provided the ground-breaking cracking open of that door into the lives of these birds.
Celeste 06/23/10 05:44 am The experts I believe, are finally taking notice and acknowledging that the "viewers" are providing tremendous insights when they observer these Wildlife cams! I always remember in the early days of the DPOF cams, the questions we had, accepting survival of the fittest " live" and how we had no idea back then, the maiden voyage of the DPOF cam would take us!
Shelley 06/23/10 07:24 am As well, even though none of us (I don't think) are career biologists or scientists, we are all avid interested parties. Our questions are usually good, logical questions, our observations are borne of true obsession and interest. We may not have university degrees in this field but that doesn't mean we don't have sharp eyes and sharp and inquisitive minds, and we certainly do our homework!! (Osprey 101 lessons come to mind...
Anne UK1 06/23/10 08:58 am This DPOF site was my first introduction to ospreys (thank you Tiger!). I couldn't have started at a better place. So much knowledge, so much patience from the 'old hands', teaching and leading us novices.

And yet even the most experienced of you always made it clear that in real terms you all still had so much to learn. How wise you were.

I'm certain this board has given the experts out there plenty of new information over the years. Isn't that a great tribute to the Puleston's :)

The LotL cam has been running a few years I think, but I believe this is the first year they've had a blog. Happy timing, given recent events.

Maybe one day they'll introduce an obs board. It would only work if people were as self disciplined as they used to be on here though - they might need a Mickey to keep everyone in line, lol ;)

Great pictures from the nest again this morning :)
Pam 06/23/10 12:16 pm I agree with everything you say girls. Certainly I would have welcomed Mickey on the Loon cam Obs. board. It got going eventually but only after I had stopped posting obs because of the uncalled for abuse that we that started it received - I didn't like that and don't need it so I opted out. Eventually people saw the benefit of it I believe.
martyc35 06/23/10 12:41 pm Some may be surprised to see me defending Mickey's work on the obs board, but I, too, greatly appreciated knowing, after I learned how, to keep my emotions out of the obs and go freely with them here in the chat list. I quit one eagle list because of all the juvenile stuff that was going on there (not Blackwater, of course!). Marge looks great today, I think:-),
Anne UK1 06/24/10 08:49 am Where is Mickey, does anyone know. He's been quiet for an awfully long while.
martyc35 06/24/10 01:16 pm He likes to watch:-).
Tiger 06/28/10 11:42 am Thank you Anne.

What was so good about this site is that it was all so novel then.

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