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Thread subject: Fox Picture for Anne
Name Date Message
Carla 06/23/10 02:06 pm It has been a while but I think it was AnneUK that posted the pictures of the fox in her garden and wanted to see pictures of the ones in our area Here are two links to some pictures taken at Norfolk.
Pam 06/23/10 04:52 pm Actually that was me Carla. Thanks very much for the links. Great pictures of a lovely animal - very different in colour to ours. Love the dark socks on the front legs. I actually took several videos of one of "our" cubs the other evening and put one on Flickr
Fox cub video
martyc35 06/23/10 05:15 pm Great video, Pam. Our resident raccoon comes every night to eat the sunflower seeds beneath one of my bird feeders, too. He'd empty the feeder if I didn't go out and empty it myself before he showed up. Do you remember our raccoon? He was the one who begged at the back door when I first moved in. HERE.
martyc35 06/23/10 05:19 pm Forgot to say, nice pics, Carla.
Pam 06/23/10 05:57 pm That picture makes me smile Marty :-)) Love it.
Celeste 06/23/10 06:48 pm Love the video Pam...also, your yard looks lovely also! And Marty, those raccoons--! at the back door.!...I know during the night there is a lot of activity in my yard.. I have sensor lights, and when I can't sleep I see them go on and off...those raccoons are out there partying..Also, during the winter when we visit Florida. it's very strange to see raccoons in broad daylight, particularly on Sanibel Island.
Carla 06/23/10 11:21 pm You are right, Pam; it was you. :o) Did I hear the adult fox calling the little one during the video? The pictures I posted to link to were taken by two of the photographers that hang out at NBG taking pictures mostly of the eagles but a lot of other things also. Wish I was a good enough photographer and had the chance to take pictures like that. Wildlife--so much more interesting then humans.
Anne UK1 06/24/10 08:48 am Oh, lovely pictures Carla. And great video Pam - isn't your garden noisy! I'm trying to work out who's making that sort of burbling noise. The closes we get to that in our garden is a goldfinch, but I don't think that's it? And while I'm asking, what are those blue flowers - they'd fill up some big gaps in my garden beautifully.

Marty I love that raccoon :))
Nancy L 06/24/10 10:10 am That fox is so skinny. The ones I've seen here on Liong Island are more plump. I've seen fox in the Connetquot Preserve & also at Elizabeth Morton Wildlife preserve.
martyc35 06/24/10 01:13 pm Yes,what are those blue flowers? I was going to say nemophila, but they usually have a white eye, and the foliage doesn't look right. Pam?
Pam 06/24/10 03:02 pm They are actually more purple than was very much in the shade. They are some kind of geranium I believe Marty but I don't know the variety. They grow very well in our soil but they only flower once i.e. they don't flower again if you cut them back.
martyc35 06/24/10 03:16 pm Ah, yes, we have them here. They make a great ground cover, even without the blooms. Very woodsy. Thanks.
Nancy L 06/25/10 12:34 pm I just finally got to your fox in the garden video. Isn't he a cutie?!
Anne UK1 06/25/10 06:58 pm Thanks Pam. I'll look out for some, they're really pretty and, as Marty says, woodsy.

Can you help me id that bird? I'm sure I should know what it is, but I can't think. It looks/sounds as if you probably get a good variety of birds in your garden.
Pam 06/26/10 10:50 am Anne, birds heard on the video are Pigeon, Blackbird, and I think the other was a Blue Tit alarm call, although it may be a Wren. We are very lucky to get lots of interesting birds and I really should make an effort to photograph them. Maybe the most unlikely we have had was a pheasant - I mean c''s an urban garden ! The Sparrowhawk knows our garden well and unfortunately gets quite a few meals there.
Nancy L 06/27/10 10:13 am Pam, for an urban garden, you're surprised at a pheasant, but not a fox?? We had a pheasant in our neighborhood about 30 or more years ago. Haven't heard of any since. We do get opossum & racoon quite often, though.
Pam 06/29/10 08:14 am Pheasants normally stay in the open countryside so it was surprising to see one in the garden. Foxes have proliferated in cities now. They live on discarded food in the streets and scrounging around rubbish bins mainly but people do feed them.
We were astonished this morning to find just a fox tail on our lawn. Could not see anything else around it, no fur, no blood. The tail looked small, a cub tail and just looked as though it had dropped off the animal, maybe from an old injury. We have had three cubs around, one of which was a real little runt, haven't seen him lately. We will be keeping a lookout for a tailless fox now.

Nancy L 06/29/10 11:40 am Just north of New York City people have seen coyotes about. One recently nipped at a small child!
Pam 06/29/10 01:05 pm Unfortunately it has been headline news that little twin sisters were attacked in their cots in London by a fox cub. The twins are now recovering well after treatment in hospital. A very nasty incident indeed which caused the usual big debate about foxes. The ones at the house were destroyed I believe. Since then a small boy was bitten in a school playground.

Newspaper report on fox bites

Pam 06/29/10 05:48 pm Since discovering the fox tail this morning we have been aware of a very strong fishy smell coming from a jungly overgrown part of the garden. Will have to investigate tomorrow. My daughter thinks it may be the rest of the fox - I hope not.

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