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Thread subject: Out @ Smiths Point..
Name Date Message
Mickey 06/28/10 08:22 pm This camp ground is maybe 4-5 miles as the Osprey flies. I counted 9 Osprey fishing at once in the Atlantic. Bait fish on top, blue fish under them. In huge schools. I posted many vids on youtube but heres my fave.
Pam 06/29/10 04:27 am Lovely...thanks for sharing Mickey.
Celeste 06/29/10 06:30 am Glad you had a nice time!
terryo 06/29/10 06:35 am Thanks for sharing, a very nice, peaceful scene at Smiths Point Mickey.
cathleen 06/29/10 07:04 am Loved the sun on one side and the moon on the other. How do you know there is bait fish (and what are they?) on top and blue underneath?
Melanie 06/29/10 08:59 am You got credited for Producer AND Director? I see Academy Awards in your future!
Melanie 06/29/10 09:01 am Bluefish are running now and they hunt other smaller fish in schools. If you've got little fish on top (bait fish) the Blues come up from underneath to eat them and when that happens you often see disturbance on the surface. Where you've got one you've got the other.
Anne UK1 06/29/10 10:46 am What a great place to go camping! Thanks for sharing Mickey.
Lori 06/29/10 11:14 am Cool Mickey! I watched the kayaking one but you skipped the part where they get in!! LOL :) You got rain yesterday??? I live about 4 miles north of the campground & all we had was a few sprinkles. Sunsets are always beautiful over there, didn't look too crowded either; what a great way to spend the week!
Anne UK1 06/29/10 11:39 am lol - I noticed that too Lori. I was all ready to tell you to watch and learn - and then the lesson was missing!
Pamela 06/29/10 12:00 pm Beautiful, Mickey. . .sand, water, sunset and the moon rising on a summer's evening. Can't get any better than that and you even caught the ubiquitous sound of Mr. Softee's summer jingle. Oh, I almost forgot--that chilly feeling at the day's end. . .nothing better. Thanks Mickey and enjoy!

Cathleen, I believe you wondered at one point why the fish being delivered to the Woods Hole nest were so small. Melanie has explained the reason above. The Blues chasing the smaller fish toward shore made it easy pickin's for Osprey.
martyc35 06/29/10 12:54 pm Great video and comments, Mickey. You are right; this is what we live for.
Mickey 06/29/10 08:31 pm Mel explained why perfectly. its basically a food chain thing. The stripers are way below and can eat blues or bunker(bait fish) . If theres a feeding frenzy, blues will actually eat blues. The tell tale sign to this occurance are birds diving for the bait fish or bunkers. Lots of birds !
Pamela 06/29/10 10:24 pm For the fishermen. . .are bunkers and pogies the same thing?
Melanie 06/30/10 05:34 am Yup. Bunkers = menhaden (also called pogy, mossbunker, bug fish, alewife, shad, greasetail, bunker, bunker fish and fat back) and osprey love 'em.
Nancy L 06/30/10 11:53 am Thanks, Mickey - You can't beat a nice day at the beach! Yesterday I took my nephew from California & my sister from Arizona over to Smith Point to enjoy the ocean before visiting my daughter who lives just a few blocks from the Smith Point Bridge.
cathleen 06/30/10 04:25 pm Hey, thanks for the explanations. I didn't realize that bunkers=menhaden=pogy etc. and that osprey take advantage - great information!

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