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Thread subject: Surprise scene at Woods Hole today
Name Date Message
Anne UK1 06/29/10 10:44 am Only kidding ;) Pic -

How long will these two hang around the nest?
Pamela 06/29/10 11:11 am You got me on that one, Anne!
I'm surprised the two tenants were even there. Do you think they will check in periodically all summer as long as the eggs remain in the nest? They're there less and less which may be a relief for the male who seemed to tend "her" every need.
I peeked in this morning to see a robin on the perch looking at the surrounding view.

Anne UK1 06/29/10 11:37 am These two are a law unto themselves aren't they. I haven't looked in for a while and actually was surprised by the scene - until I thought about it for half a second.

My guess is she'll think about heading off soon, but I wouldn't put any money on that. I do feel sorry for him - he's worked so hard and he's nothing to show for it really. Better luck next year I hope.
martyc35 06/29/10 12:58 pm Let's hope she takes a tutorial before coming back. I'm beginning to feel sorry for all those humans who put so much time, money, and effort into this failed enterprise. Let's hope there was some lesson learned there, at least.
Pamela 06/29/10 01:23 pm Woods Hole and Loch of the Lowes nests sure didn't go by the books this year. They both have introduced us to new problems these birds face.
It will be next spring that will tell the tales of the two very different females we have hovered over and observed.
Here's to hoping the WH male is more discerning in his choice next year. As I mentioned before, I actually wonder if she will survive migration again.
Anne UK1 07/02/10 05:58 pm They're still there. And he's bringing in some nice new sticks, bless him, while she continues to sun herself up on that perch. Pic
cathleen 07/02/10 06:26 pm ...and calling for her bonbons (fish).
Anne UK1 07/02/10 06:30 pm Are you watching Cathleen? This poor male seems to have gone into overdrive - I don't think I've ever seen so many sticks brought in in such a short space of time!

She wasn't too impressed with his attempts at positioning this one - Pic. He nearly took her off the perch with it at one point, then it went over the edge - much to her relief no doubt.
cathleen 07/02/10 06:37 pm Just now tuned in, Anne. I see what you mean - he's desperately trying to make a home, wondering where it all went wrong, no doubt... poor guy.
Anne UK1 07/02/10 06:44 pm I wish I could download it. It's fascinating viewing. A shame though, I reckon he'd have made a fantastic dad. Maybe next year ...

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