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Thread subject: Two sad sights in our garden
Name Date Message
Pam 07/03/10 03:49 pm I mentioned the fox tail we found on our lawn a few days ago. I have now put a picture on Flickr. This morning we had another sad surprise waiting for us - a dead Green Woodpecker. We think it had flown into the window because its beak was slightly damaged. We have never, ever, seen a live one in our garden in over 40 years, so this was upsetting. It was a juvenile.
Celeste 07/03/10 05:42 pm How upsetting! I missed the thread about the fox tail...What do you think happened?

Oh and I do know how you feel about the Woodpecker. In early Fall almost 2 years ago, we found a green bird which had hit our window, and sending photos to Melanie, and Marie I discovered it was a Juvenile Oven Bird in the midst of migration who hit our window. I also found in reading about the Oven Bird that they are very prone to hitting windows...
Pam 07/03/10 05:52 pm No idea what happened re the fox tail Celeste - it was very strange. I suppose it could have died and that was all that remained and it was dragged on to the lawn by some animal. There was a very strong fishy smell in one corner of the garden for a couple of days after that but it has gone now and we couldn't find anything.

So, I have learned something else from this website today. Never heard of an Oven Bird before...good old reliable Sibley ....I see it is a very cute looking bird and uncommon too.
Anne UK1 07/03/10 06:01 pm Oh Pam, what a sad week for you :(
Pam 07/03/10 06:04 pm Oven bird on Internet Bird Collection:
Oven bird videos and photos
Shelley 07/03/10 10:05 pm Wow, that oven bird is so cute!!

Pam, did the tail have blood on it or any other sign of trauma? Or do you have any neighbours who may be upset that you were feeding it, and perhaps put that tail there to scare you (are you sure it was real?) It is a bit creepy, to find it there, just like that...
Pam 07/04/10 05:00 pm No blood Shelley - just a sort of shrivelled up, dry bit at the damaged end. We know all the neighbours and am sure they would not do that. Definitely real, beautiful fur actually. To think women used to wear fox furs slung around their shoulders !!!
cathy 07/05/10 09:05 am Interesting events in your yard! The bird is beautiful. Sorry it was found dead.

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