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Thread subject: Summer Scenes from Blackwater NWR
Name Date Message
FOB Webmaster 07/07/10 10:34 am Hi all,

Just wanted to let you know I posted a video featuring some of our summer wildlife at the refuge. The video includes some cute shots of our ospreys:

Summer Scenes at Blackwater NWR
Pam 07/07/10 11:56 am Super - thanks Lisa. Huge variety of wildlife you have there. I liked the Osprey - walking on water....
martyc35 07/07/10 12:10 pm Great video, Lisa. I liked the calming music, too.
Shelley 07/07/10 01:30 pm Beautiful, Lisa, thanks! Nice to see nature as it is meant to be.
Lovely music choice, too.
Kelly 07/07/10 06:01 pm Ah, Lisa, that was wonderful... well done! :))
Pamela 07/07/10 09:20 pm Lisa, you have made Blackwater look so enticing and you're right about the cute shots of the ospreys.
FOB Webmaster 07/08/10 07:45 am I liked the little head bob from the cam chick. I gather he was doing what they call "putting over the crop."
cathleen 07/08/10 08:23 pm That was really beautiful! I also liked the head bob, but I am unfamiliar with the term "putting over the crop". I guess it must mean to make the meal go down a bit more or consolidate in the crop.
cathy 07/08/10 08:41 pm Totally great! It was special to see the young fox trotting across the ground. Wildlife in the U.S. is our national treasure. I'm so glad its valued in wildlife refuges which need continuing support. Here in China, I miss the wildlife, depleted through various years of hunger, and rapid development. Before getting too judgmental, though, we should think of the U.S. in the 40's through the 60's. Also, the beauty of wildlife has been captured over millenia in Chinese paintings (I bought some paintings of birds here - some of which are extinct). Thanks, Lisa, for capturing and disseminating the beauty and life of our fellow creatures and the environment on which we all depend.
FOB Webmaster 07/09/10 08:28 am Yes, Cathleen -- I think it's a falconer term for when they move food from their crop to their stomach for consumption.

Thanks, all! Glad you enjoyed it.
Anne UK1 07/09/10 06:40 pm Lovely video Lisa.

The osprey washing his feet then standing in the water - is he having a drink or just rinsing his beak? Up at Loch of the Lowes they said they've never seen an osprey drink from the loch until Marge did that evening after she'd been so ill. Yours looks like he's drinking, but maybe not?

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