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Thread subject: Chestertown mom fans her chicks.
Name Date Message
terryo 07/08/10 03:28 pm This mommy not only shades her 2 chicks but also backs away and begins flapping her massive wings to try and cool down her kids. The chicks names are Wynken and Blynken.
Celeste 07/08/10 03:37 pm Would have loved to have seen that. Once again, a cam providing the opportunity of seeing such behavior!
Melanie 07/08/10 04:11 pm Website here I'm going to have to have a talk with my friend in Chestertown as to WHY she hasn't told me about this and let me find out from Long Islanders!!!!!! (nothing personal - love ya!)
Shelley 07/08/10 04:29 pm Mel, I can't get a cam to show up on that link. The page says *cam* but nothing happens. Terry, do you have a different link to the cam you mention?
Melanie 07/08/10 04:43 pm I just tested it - it works. It takes a few seconds to load in.
terryo 07/08/10 04:51 pm Try again Shelley, as Mel stated it can take a few seconds. The Chestertown Spy n/paper runs a blog on this nest and I believe the Spy is a relatively new town paper, not sure about that though. Beautiful scenery down there. We know you love us Mel, feeling is mutual.
Celeste 07/08/10 06:20 pm Yes it does load after several seconds. She's feeding two nice plump chicks. Great cam!
Pam 07/08/10 06:45 pm The cam did not load at all on Explorer but loaded straight away with Firefox. Just saw a boat doing a nice quick semi-circle round the nest and Mom just landed, panting furiously, with a fish. I think she is now feeding but out of view except for her tail.
Shelley 07/08/10 06:47 pm Ok, Still not loading for me. Do I have to click on anything after that link in Melanie's above post?

It's been nearly 10 minutes and I"m still waiting for it to load. Hmm, maybe another case of the wrong browser, like Decorah? Oh well...
Melanie 07/08/10 08:16 pm Which browser are you using? Explorer or Firefox?
Shelley 07/08/10 10:13 pm (whispers) Explorer. Still.
Melanie 07/09/10 09:23 am (shouts) GET FIREFOX!!!!! mozilla
Shelley 07/09/10 10:25 am Ok, just so you know who you're talking to here (my name is Shelley and I am techno-challenged).

That link says (en=English; that much I figured out, hehe). I am in Canada. Does that matter? I know, for example that Google Canada and Google USA are sometimes different, by default, and there is nothing I can do to change that. I realize that google is not a browser so maybe this example is like comparing apples to oranges, but along with some other stuff I need to ask, I am seeing that today may be the day to put in a call to my computer guy and let him sort this out for me and make some decisions based on knowledge, of which I have very little when it comes to computers...

Anne UK1 07/09/10 10:52 am I'm techno-challenged too Shelley, but I think it's only spelling and the like that varies with those links, not anything technical.

But just in case, there is a link here for Canada English here. Give it a go - you can't break anything, honest.
martyc35 07/09/10 01:07 pm The website and cam come in fine for me. I'm on a Mac with Safari for browser. So far, I have not needed Firefox, but I sure had trouble with Explorer until I upgraded, and I will never touch Explorer again. I see that Google is trying to get people to switch to their new browser. I'm sticking with what works, but has anyone here tried the Google browser yet? I figure it's just a ploy to get us to look at even more advertising.
Melanie 07/09/10 01:33 pm Marty - FYI Microsoft abandoned any further development on Explorer for Macs in 2003 and internet requirements and upgrades have changed greatly since then. MS decided they couldn't compete with both Safari AND Firefox on the Mac platform so they bowed out. Basically Explorer for Mac is dead in the water.
Melanie 07/09/10 02:58 pm Shelly - TRY THIS LINK - also a larger view

The Blog is Here
Shelley 07/09/10 03:18 pm Thanks, everyone. Thanks, Mel, for that link. I clicked on it just in the nick of time to witness a rocket! Oh, how I've missed those... ;-)

Today's blog, by the way, is fantastic! Loved it!

By the way, where is Chestertown?
Shelley 07/09/10 03:29 pm OMG!!! If you scroll down about half way in that blog, there is a video of the DPOF nest when they fought over a fish and went ass over teakettle over the side of the nest!! Remember?!! They identified them as *Bette* and *M08*, whoever that was supposed to be.

And the blog entry directly below that one, is of Marge at L of L. I wish they would date their entries, though, instead of just using the day of the week. Makes it kind of hard to go back and find anything
Anne UK1 07/09/10 06:04 pm Marty - I've been using Google Chrome for a few months now and I love it. It's so uncluttered, and much faster than IE. Also rarely, if ever, crashes - the few times I have had problems I think it's more likely my pc which is getting a bit temperamental in its old age.

The only one down side to GC is that labels don't always pop up when I hover over photos on sites like Rutland Water, whereas on IE they did so I knew which bird the photo was of. A pretty minor complaint though all in all.

I think with all these browsers it's a case of what you're used to. I stuck with IE for years - only now do I realise how silly that was. It has to be the worst of the lot!

Shelley - M08 was the new male that took over the year Dennis didn't return. I wonder if he's back this year, and if it's still our old Betty on the nest. We don't even know how many chicks there are this year :(

I haven't checked out the Chestertown cam yet - something to do over the weekend I think.
Anne UK1 07/09/10 06:19 pm Oh - just had a quick look at the blog and what a fantastic photo by Bob Quinn of the nictating membrane. What fantastic feather detail!

You know, I'm not sure I ever realised birds had tongues. I know different now, that's for sure. Wonderful photography.
Shelley 07/09/10 06:23 pm Lincoln over at Palemale has shown many photos of the bird's tongues this week, as they suffer from the heat, as well.
Anne UK1 07/09/10 06:37 pm I suppose they use them as dogs do to help them cool down in hot weather. That makes sense.

I suppose I must have seen tongues before, but somehow I'd just never registered it. When I watch the birds in my garden all I see is beaks. I'll be looking at them with different eyes tomorrow.
Celeste 07/10/10 04:56 am Watched the video of the DPOF nest with a lump in my throat and laughing at the same time. I'd forgotten that!

Those fantastic Bob Quinn photos were taken on one of the Banding trips!
Anne UK1 07/10/10 07:22 am I guessed they were Celeste. I got a label when I hovered over them that said 'banding'. They are absolutely fantastic photos.

As for the DPOF nest clip - gosh I do miss 'our' nest.
cathleen 07/10/10 07:29 am HAH! Yes that infamous capture of Betty and teh new Dennis done by our own Trishrg! I miss DPOF. :(
FOB Webmaster 07/10/10 12:08 pm Shelley, put "Chestertown, MD" in Google Maps and you'll see the general location. It's north of Annapolis on the Eastern Shore, not too far from Eastern Neck National Wildlife Refuge.
Shelley 07/10/10 04:28 pm Thanks, Lisa.

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