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Thread subject: Egg at Loch of Lowes??
Name Date Message
Shelley 07/09/10 08:48 am Is that an egg I see? How can that be, or is it a *dudley* that never hatched, just surfacing and in view? Or is it not an egg at all and just my vivid imagination?
Anne UK1 07/09/10 10:43 am It's not your eyes deceiving you Shelley. It's the third egg which didn't hatch. Amazing it's still sitting there in one piece considering all that's happened in that nest!
martyc35 07/09/10 01:09 pm Watching there just now, and those chicks are looking eager to fledge. The egg is quite visible again, as no one seems to want to sit down right now. I marvel at Marge's survival. What a story!
martyc35 07/09/10 02:37 pm One chick just had lift-off, landed on its sibling, and was, I think, quite surprised by the whole experience. Sure is windy there.
Anne UK1 07/09/10 06:12 pm A story and a half, Marty. I still can't quite believe it.

Early on in the season I think there was talk on the blog of a dvd being made of this year's events. Little did they know back then what was to come, but I reckon it would be a best seller if they did issue one.
Pam 07/10/10 06:44 am Bad news is good news it seems. Marge made the national newspapers when she seemed to be dying but I haven't seen a photo or seen a report since she recovered !
Celeste 07/10/10 07:11 am Guess you are right Pam.

Love how the cam pans. One Juvie has it's own fish, and the other is complaining, while Marge who has been there done that, just standing and quietly observing. A few weeks ago this scene would be impossible to imagine!
Anne UK1 07/10/10 07:19 am There was a nice article in the Times on Saturday 26th June, but sadly it seems it's not available to read online unless you pay cash to subscribe :( The headline read:- "Joy for bird-lovers as lady of teh Loch soars aloft again" - even reading that now makes me quite emotional. A lovely close up head shot of Marge to accompany the article too.

I wonder, can I scan it and post a link here? If so, I'll have a try, though it may have to wait until there's someone here to talk me through the stages.

A few links on google too - here - but yes, the world of journalism loves a drama, but too often fails to follow through with good news :(
Anne UK1 07/10/10 07:39 am A nice close up of Marge in a tree this morning, followed by a fish delivery.

There's a close up of Marge sliding her foot down the fish. Anyone know why she does this? I saw a comment on the blog the other day where someone said they thought she was removing the scales, but I didn't know what they meant. I wonder if this is what they saw. Video
Anne UK1 07/10/10 08:48 am I've managed to scan that article - my talents know no bounds lol. Fingers crossed anyway - Link
Shelley 07/10/10 09:03 am Excellent, Anne, thanks! Great article.

Ok, question: I have only really begun to follow this nest in earnest since this drama began a few weeks ago. I have seen them referred to as Lady and Laird, as well as Marge and Frank (?). Are they all tagged? Are the chicks tagged, named?

(never mind; just saw your response to this last question, above)

And, on the original topic here, why hasn't that egg been ditched or at least, buried? Wouldn't it explode if it got too hot there? Or what if one of the chicks trod on it while hopping around during flight practice?
cathleen 07/10/10 09:33 am Anne, what a great article - I am glad the entire story has been reported, and has garnered so much attention for ospreys. Thanks for the excellent scanning feat :) and for sharing it with us all.
Anne UK1 07/10/10 09:44 am Marge isn't ringed. The previous male (known as Stressed Eric by some) was - though I can't remember his letters or numbers, just that it was a green band.

Green 7Y obviously is ringed - he's a ten year old who I think was hatched in a nest about twelve miles away from Lowes. This year is the first time he's been spotted since fledging so no-one knows where he's been or what he's been doing up until now.

The egg I imagine is hard-boiled by now. It's been trampled on more than once while I've been watching and it still looks to be in pretty good shape, though on the diary pages they say they expect it to be mashed to pieces by the end of the season. I think a couple of years back there was an egg that hung around this nest for a long time too - maybe they don't use much in the way of soft material so eggs tend not to get buried.

All the names attached to these birds are unofficial. I use Marge because that's the name I came across on here. There's also Madge, Isla, and others I can't remember. Some started calling Green 7Y "Frank" early in the season - I think because they had serious doubts about his building skills (there was a 70's tv character called Frank Spencer who was a walking disaster area - I think that was the inspiration).

Lady and Laird seem to have been taken on board now. Again I think it was taken from a suggestion on the blog - there had been some 'debate' about names early on. Someone came up with Lady of the Loch and pointed out that her initials fitted perfectly with Loch of the Lowes. "Laird" was an easy natural progression from there, I imagine. Maybe we should add Laddie and Lassie for the juvies, then we'd have a full house.
Anne UK1 07/10/10 09:47 am It's a lovely article, isn't it Cathleen. I'm not a fan of journalists generally, but Lindsay McIntosh proves that there are exceptions.
martyc35 07/10/10 01:20 pm The article was great, just right, I thought, and thanks for going to the trouble of scanning it for us, AnneUK1. I took to calling Lady Marge from this list, too, but I never got familiar enough with the male to call him Frank. I think for the Scots watching from the hide, Lady and Laird serve well as permanent names, just as Dennis and Betty ultimately did for DPOF. For me, there will never be another Marge. As I said before, what a story!

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