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Thread subject: No tracking of Loch Garten chicks this year
Name Date Message
Anne UK1 07/10/10 07:46 am I can't say I'm sorry they've decided against it. These youngsters look very close to fledging to me - someone going up to the nest now could cause one or all to leap before they're ready and that could be disastrous.

A shame, but the welfare of the birds has to come first. A good decision in my view. Link to story
BETH-OH 07/10/10 08:31 am Thanks for the link/news Anne...
Richard certainly tried.
Shelley 07/10/10 08:52 am Do they tag at Loch of Lowes? I'd guess they would since they have followed this pair. Have they already tagged these 2 chicks then?
Anne UK1 07/10/10 09:00 am They don't even ring at Lowes Shelley. I think one year a chick died shortly afterwards and so they stopped. Plus last year they said they didn't want to take any risks as Marge is so old.

But this year they had planned to satellite tag the chicks. Of course that idea went out of the window after Marge was so ill - they think there's been trauma enough for the family to cope with this year. Again, the right decision I'd say.

The chicks in the Lake District have been tagged though - Bassenthwaite
Shelley 07/10/10 09:22 pm If theydon't tag at Lowes, how do they know that Marge is the same osprey, year after year? How can they be sure of her age? I certainly understand the reasons behind their decisions with the chicks (as you explain, above) but all the articles I've read seem so certain of her age, and number of chicks, that I thought for sure she'd be tagged (ringed)
Anne UK1 07/11/10 07:33 am I was at Rutland earlier in the year and one of the staff there raised that very same point. I chose to ignore it, because it spoilt the romance, but it is very valid.

I suppose it's just like our id of Betty, Dennis, etc. Once you've watched them for a while you just know which bird is which. And of course they'll have photos of head patterns, underwing patterns, etc. Also, how many nesting ospreys were there in Scotland 20 years ago - not so many as now I would think, so even less chance that in the first few years they'd mix one female up with another.

I've only watched the nest this last 2 or 3 years. I think Daisy has followed it longer? Perhaps she knows a bit more. Or Tiger, though he's not popped in for a while so may not see this discussion.

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