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Thread subject: First Fledge at Loch of Lowes
Name Date Message
cathleen 07/10/10 01:40 pm Well, after a lot of flapping around this morning, the first chick finally fledged early this afternoon, followed quickly of the nest by Marge! Will Loch Garten be far behind?
martyc35 07/10/10 01:49 pm Good news. I'm looking at the nest right now, and the other youngster looks to be trying to get up in the air, too. Just a little lift-off so far, but take-off should be pretty soon, leaving that lone, unhatched egg in the nest. Junior2 just launched a rocket, and it slid down the camera lens and off, so at least the nest is still partially visible.
cathleen 07/10/10 01:56 pm Ahhh, I just checked back to see some goo on the lens, and wondered what it was. That may impair our view as it dries on. :(( Hopefully we'll get to see C2 fly off, though C2 was deprived of the last fish.
Anne UK1 07/10/10 02:58 pm Don't want to rain on your parade Cathleen, but are you absolutely sure it fledged? Earlier I thought there was only one on the nest, but when I looked on the second cam I could see two - one was way over to the left.

Then again, when I looked later on that second cam I was sure I could only see one. But it's a long distance view and there's no reports anywhere that I can see of a fledge.

I'm really confused! I wish they'd move the cam around a bit so we could see properly. Normally it's never still, but I don't think it's moved for hours now. Maybe they've got a problem again and we're on the static night-vision cam?

Frustrating though. I thought one had gone, then you confirmed it, but I think I see the edge of a wing as it lands on the left hand side.

No doubt they'll tell us at some point. If that was the fledge do you mind if I steal your video to add to my collection?
Anne UK1 07/10/10 03:03 pm If he has fledged, then the good news is he's safely back on the nest. I just saw him arrive from the left, but wasn't sharp enough to work out if he flew in or walked in.

The other juvie is stil sitting in the same spot I saw him a couple of hours ago. Presumably he's moved around a bit during that time? He's right on the edge, but facing the wrong way for flight. I wonder what he's thinking.
Anne UK1 07/10/10 03:11 pm Me again! It looks like you are right Cathleen :)) I've just found this on the LG discussion page:-

" ChloeB
10 July 2010 7:31 PM

A friend sent me a text at 18.51 to say there had been a fledge. Apparently chick was away for about 8 mins. Someone else saw it too but unfortunately I did not."

Also, it sounds as if the proper cam is having problems again and we're on the fixed one for now. Great timing, but that's techology for you - great when it works.

Shelley 07/10/10 04:26 pm Ack! I missed it! I just got home now and guess what? EMPTY NEST!! Except for that lone egg...

Shelley 07/10/10 04:30 pm Someone just landed. It is beginning to get dark there and whoever it is has their back to the cam.

OH! 2 back now and I'm guessing they are the chicks. One looks about to settle on the egg, smack in the centre of the nest, lol! Can we spell *confusion*? How about *exhaustion*. WHEW! We did it! We made it back, too! Good night!
Shelley 07/10/10 04:55 pm LOL! Yep, almost 5 pm my time (10 pm nest time?) and one chick is comfortably brooding the hard-boiled egg. It's quite funny!
Anne UK1 07/10/10 05:03 pm Just looked in again and that one chick is still standing in the same back corner of the nest. Has anyone seen him move over the last few hours? I'm getting a bit worried.

Edit: Panic over. He moved while I was typing. Phew!
Anne UK1 07/10/10 05:09 pm Shelley - I just noticed you said Empty Nest! Really - they've both fledged and I missed everything? Well wouldn't you know it. Great news if they have though :)

Last year and the year before, the chicks didn't stay in the nest overnight once they'd fledged as far as I can remember. Definitely the year before anyway, when there was only the one chick. I thought it must be because there were plenty of trees to roost in, but it's good to see these two behaving what I regard as normally - safely back home during the dark hours.
DaisyG 07/10/10 06:30 pm I think there is now some doubt as to whether there was actually a fledge. Could have been that the chick lifted off but then landed out of camera shot on the left side of the nest.
Will have to wait for update.
Anne UK1 07/10/10 06:44 pm Oh right, thanks Daisy. They like to keep us guessing these birds, don't they.
Anne UK1 07/11/10 04:31 am Definitely a fledge now. At 9.09am local time this morning according to the diary - and of course I missed it. Hopefully someone will post the clip on youtube.

Safely back on the nest when I tuned in five minutes ago, and waiting for breakfast to celebrate his success :)
DaisyG 07/11/10 05:22 am Have started new thread Anne with footage of the fledge. Exciting wasn't it? Sad that yesterday's turned out to be a false alarm though.

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