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Thread subject: Woods Hole - Busy, busy, busy
Name Date Message
Anne UK1 07/10/10 06:45 pm Well he is anyway ;)

I've taken some screen caps - I'll link to them tomorrow. Meantime if anyone wants some entertainment there's plenty on offer over there.
Shelley 07/10/10 07:25 pm There are 3 osprey in the nest now! They all look like adults, too! No speckles. And what is that blue thing? I hope it's not fishing line!
Shelley 07/10/10 07:29 pm Is there no sound at this cam? Or is this just a quiet bunch? I hear nothing (yes, my volume is on)
Pamela 07/11/10 02:07 am Whoops, sorry I missed all the fun and the full nest!
The male has had the blue (what looks like tie-tie ribbon) caught around his talon while sitting on the perch a week or two ago. Sure wish that it would blow away,but it looks quite secure.
The cam is capable of sound, but because of the wind they have never turned it on. They also have a wiper blade for the lense. How cool is that?
Anne UK1 07/11/10 04:29 am Yes, it's a shame there's no sound - we could always turn our speakers down if the wind was too much.

I wish I'd seen the three in the nest - there was definitely something annoying them while I was watching but I thought it was the smaller birds I could see flying around behind the nest. A nest which is looking very splendid I have to say. Such a shame they have no family to take care of this year.
Shelley 07/11/10 06:38 am I actually took a screen capture of the 3 of them in the nest but I don't know how to show you, other than by email. I don't have another photo site to put it on
Anne UK1 07/11/10 07:01 am Shelley - email it to me and I'll do it for you.
Shelley 07/11/10 07:38 am On its way
Anne UK1 07/11/10 07:47 am Thanks Shelley - great shot! Question is, who's who. They don't look too unhappy with each other - did it stay that way or was someone chased off pretty quick?
Shelley 07/11/10 08:19 am One flew off as I was doing my screen capture so by the time I got back to the actual cam (a matter of seconds), there were only 2. The cam actually froze a short time after that and no matter what I did (log off, try again) it remained frozen so I gave up. This morning, after 2 separate tries, the cam doesn't seem to be loading at all so maybe there is a real problem.
Thanks for this, Anne
Anne UK1 07/11/10 08:24 am You're very welcome Shelley. It's great having that photo - I could tell there was someone bothering them and hoped I might see who it was.

I've uploaded my sequence of photos now and added yours to the end. No captions, but he's the one working his socks off, she's the one standing watching. Here
Shelley 07/11/10 08:31 am So, are all 3 adults? Who is the third? They sure seemed comfortable enough together on the nest, so it was no intruder, that's for sure.

I love that one shot, near the beginning of your slideshow, where the one looks straight into the camera! LOL!
Anne UK1 07/11/10 08:49 am They all look like adults to me. I'd say the resident female is on the right, that's where she spent most of her time while I was watching, and my guess is the resident male is on the perch. Leaving the one in the middle as the stranger. Difficult to be sure though.

I wonder if Jazzel still looks at this message board - she's the expert on this nest. I'd be interested in her thoughts.

That photo made me laugh to Shelley. She gave him a few odd looks like that while he was off gathering sticks and grass - I'm sure she thinks he's barmy. There's another shot where he was bringing in a stick and she wasn't happy that he nearly landed on her. I think she just wants him to go fishing!
Melanie 07/11/10 11:08 am They are all definitely adults. "Chicks" would have buff edging on their feathers.

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