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Thread subject: Loch Garten fledge??
Name Date Message
Anne UK1 07/11/10 10:16 am Just tuned in. I can only see two juvies. EJ was getting in a state about something. She flew off the nest twice, but is back now and all's quiet. Is the third juvie hiding out of sight or has he gone?

Anne UK1 07/11/10 10:20 am Two young pairs of eyes are gazing up at the top of the cam. Maybe their sibling has hopped up there to perch. I think the first fledgee last year liked to sit up there.
DaisyG 07/11/10 10:52 am Not sure if this is a fledge or a flight up to the cam. The other two seemed to follow it's flight but then EJ arrived, alarm calling and chased off an intruder. Were the two remaining chicks watching the flight of the intruder or their sib? Here is the footage:

Possible fledge
DaisyG 07/11/10 10:59 am EJ returned and juvie came crashing down from the perch. I am inclined to think this was just a hop up and not a proper fledge.
Anne UK1 07/11/10 11:16 am I couldn't get your link to work Daisy. If it was the same as this one then around the 2 minute mark, while EJ is alarm calling, I hear a clunk as if someone landed on top of the cam. Video from ACE444

At the start the two other juvies are definitely following something flying around straight after their sibling left the nest. Maybe an intruder, but my gut feeling is this was indeed a proper fledge :)

Sorry, I've edited this as I got the time mark wrong in that video. The clunk is around the 2 minute mark - you can see someone approach from behind the nest. EJ keeps alarm calling, but then flies off the nest presumably chasing after somebody.

So who lands on the cam perch I wonder. If it was an intruder wouldn't EJ fly up there to make it move. If it was Odin, he'd be joining in the alarm calling. So I guess it was the young juvie.

There's just too much to watch at the minute! That's the only thing I do know for sure.
Anne UK1 07/11/10 12:15 pm Oh, and here's that crash landing Daisy mentioned. Lovely stuff - including the expression on EJ's face, lol :)) Again, many thanks to ACE444 for this - Video
DaisyG 07/11/10 12:36 pm Sorry about that. Here is my video again

DaisyG 07/11/10 12:37 pm Fledge confirmed on the blog :)
martyc35 07/11/10 01:02 pm That was great! One could see the two remaining chicks following their sibling's flight, right around the nest. And EJ took a bite out of that intruder. I could see feathers flying by after she took off after it. Great video. Thanks, Daisy and all.
DaisyG 07/11/10 01:55 pm LOL Marty, I am sure she did take a bite out of it :)

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