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Thread subject: Double good news from the bear center
Name Date Message
Anne UK1 07/13/10 03:34 am Hope and Lily are re-united after six weeks apart. Plus it looks as if there's going to be a $100,000 donation from the Chase Giving Charity Fund - plus another $20,000 for the Research Institute.

A pretty good start to a day! :) Link
Celeste 07/13/10 06:27 am That is wonderful news. I was thinking of Hope only yesterday!
Shelley 07/13/10 07:34 am Does the tracking necklace expand as they grow? Or do they have to catch the cub and replace it?

I love the sounds she makes as she nurses!
BETH-OH 07/13/10 07:54 am The tracking collar Celeste has room for growth.

Wonderful-terrific news of Hope & Lily :-)

Thanks for the link Anne!
Anne UK1 07/13/10 07:58 am As Beth says, the collar is very loose on Hope. I wonder though, if she stays with Lily they may remove it as I would have thought there is some risk she could catch it on a branch. A risk maybe worth taking while she was alone and vulnerable and in need of supplementary feeding, but perhaps not so if she's back under Lily's protection.

It's great news. I've got really attached to this little bear cub - and have been so impressed at how she's managed on her own. Another instance of one individual opening up a whole new world of knowledge to the experts.

I hope everyone watched the latest video :))
BETH-OH 07/13/10 08:01 am Anne-I went to the bear center in June during

our vacation in Minnesota (saw a lot of Loons :)

I watched Hope being born and has loved the site/info/updates.

Anne UK1 07/13/10 08:04 am Forgot to say, they fit new GPS units to the collars every couple of weeks or so, so removing Hope's collar should be a pretty easy process. She's quite wary but does let the staff from the bear center handle her to a certain extent.

Amazing they've built up that trust in such a short space of time when Lily hasn't been around to offer reassurance. Particularly considering the way they bundled her into a pet carrier the first time they tried to re-unite her with Lily! They think she hasn't quite forgotten about that and they're not sure she's ready to forgive them for it just yet, lol.
Anne UK1 07/13/10 08:08 am Oh, lucky you Beth! :)

A visit is definitely on my wish list for the day I win the lottery.
martyc35 07/13/10 11:47 am Forgot to tell all you bear lovers that a black bear was spotted in my neighborhood last week. The city of Eureka insisted on including corridors of "greenbelts" when it was founded, so we have woods (mostly redwoods) that are adjacent to city backyards all over town. The edge of town is only blocks from my house, and the bear was seen crossing the road next to our fairgrounds. I've yet to see one myself, but the neighbors say they have been here within the past few years. You see why I keep my kitties inside. Bonnie got video footage of "our" raccoon last night, but she needs special software to upload it, so I don't have it yet. Soon. Good news about Hope.
Anne UK1 07/13/10 05:19 pm How do residents feel about that closeness Marty? Those corridors probably seemed like a good idea, but maybe the bears would be safer if they'd not been included in the city's layout. Do you really worry that your cats may come to harm, or are you just erring on the side of caution.

martyc35 07/13/10 07:54 pm I'm more worried about the cats because of the risk of infection from too many cats, dogs, raccoons, and skunks (caught a whiff of one of those last night) than the bears. I figure a cat could run and hide from a bear, but we are just overpopulated with small mammals here. And then, I want the birds that feed in my yard to have a fighting chance. Most of the residents don't want to come face to face with a bear, but so far they haven't complained too much, I think. It's pretty quiet around here after dark.

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