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Thread subject: New furniture at Wood's Hole
Name Date Message
Shelley 07/14/10 05:01 pm I can see an osprey just barely off camera, at the right, standing on the perch. Either he has a cold and these are his tissues or he has a head's up on the latest nest fashion that hasn't made the news yet...

Pamela 07/14/10 05:10 pm How funny and the tissues or hankie are secured by a large branch!
It's much nicer to think the addition may be fashionable and not actually there to dab the feathers from raindrops or the moisture caused by the high humidity and showers we're currently having :-b
Anne UK1 07/14/10 05:53 pm Oh my goodness - that's a branch and a half! I bet he needed a tissue to wipe his brow after carrying that to the nest.
cathleen 07/14/10 05:53 pm I saw him bring in a ~5 foot piece of rope earlier, too. He's determined to build up the nest, and is seemingly ignoring any of the deadbeat mom's nagging for fish lately.
Shelley 07/14/10 06:28 pm I managed a screenshot capture earlier, when I posted this, of the osprey on the far right and a sparrow on the far left. An odd couple set of bookends if ever there was one! This has been quite the nest this season, hasn't it? lol!

And he seems quite protective of his creation, too, doesn't he? I don't think he has moved (except maybe to inch a bit closer) in all this time! ;-)

I have to say, the way he looks at this moment, in that particular pose, half hidden but half visible, he looks rather like a penguin..... just sayin'....
Shelley 07/15/10 07:07 am I hate to say it, but this morning, the nest is beginning to look a lot like a teenager's bedroom: a MESS! What is that blue thing, on the right, under yet more sticks?

The osprey is standing there, squawking loudly, I can tell, even though there is no sound. Maybe he is insulted by my comments.... ;-)
Pamela 07/15/10 08:35 am Blue is the favored color scheme isn't it? A teenager's bedroom does come to mind, Shelley, between what looks like a heavy duty cleaning wipe and the ribbon. I love the fact that they even have a dowsing rod!
Shelley 07/15/10 03:13 pm Maybe blue reminds them of both water and sky.

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