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Thread subject: DC earthquake this morning
Name Date Message
Melanie 07/16/10 10:41 am I didn't feel it - If anything woke at 5 am I probably thought it was the cat jumping onto my bed - but some of my neighbors claim they did feel it here in Annapolis - 60 miles away from the epicenter. Lisa will have a good story to tell, though.
Carla 07/16/10 11:30 am Have not had the TV or radio on since I got up (well after 5 am) and will now have to go see what you are talking about, Melanie. I think the human race better start listening to Mother Nature and start acting like we are supposed to rather then like wild animals. Maybe that is not a good example to use since wild animals seem to act way better then we do.
martyc35 07/16/10 11:51 am Aw, gee, East Coasters. It was only a 3.6. We get those and bigger nearly every day out here. Actually, I'd like it better if they all stayed in the 2 to 4 range. When they get bigger than that, I start to worry.
FOB Webmaster 07/16/10 12:14 pm I'm a couple miles from where it hit, so it definitely woke me up. Shook the bed, the walls, the floor. Someone at the Post who was awake said it lasted maybe 20 seconds, which seems like a very long time when everything is shaking.

I do know they say it's better to have small ones -- to release the pressure -- than storing up all the energy and having just one mega earthquake.

But it wasn't a fun way to wake up. I got worried about the building since we don't build for earthquakes here. Heaven forbid a big one ever hit DC with all those monuments.

martyc35 07/16/10 01:30 pm Glad you are okay, Lisa. I was lucky to have been in bed when our big one hit in January. I didn't mean to belittle your experience; it would indeed be tragic to have a big earthquake anywhere where the building codes don't plan for it, as they found out in Haiti in January. God forbid.
FOB Webmaster 07/16/10 01:39 pm I know you didn't Marty. :-)

With our record snow, record heat and now earthquake, it's been an interesting year.
Melanie 07/16/10 01:49 pm I was reading that the East Coast earthquakes don't follow fault lines like they do on the West Coast. As a matter of fact, we don't have fault lines. Ours are generally smaller (4.0 or less) and happen in the middle of the tectonic plate which is why there hasn't been a really big earthquake on this side of the Mississippi since the New Madras quake in the Missouri/Kentucky/Tennessee area in 1812.
FOB Webmaster 07/16/10 02:03 pm Did they mention the big Charleston, SC earthquake in 1886?

When we were on a tour of Charleston, they told us the area has lots of little quakes that release the pressure, and the locals don't feel most of them. However, they said the 1886 quake was the "big one" for them.
martyc35 07/16/10 02:18 pm That's interesting history, Mel and Lisa. When I saw your 3.6 on the news this morning, I went right out and asked Bonnie (who lives in Bowie, MD) if yours were on faults or tectonic plates, but she wasn't sure. So, plates it is, which is what I guessed.
Melanie 07/16/10 02:44 pm They did mention the Charleston Quake. Also the Annapolis Quake of 1758 which rumbled on for days and was the earliest recorded earthquake in MD. They also mentioned one that happened up on the St. Lawrence that we felt down here as well.

I was reading that due to differences in geology East Coast quakes can be felt over a much larger area. The same magnitude in the Eastern U.S. can be felt in an area 10 times greater that on the West Coast which is why this morning's quake could also be felt (slightly) in NYC.
Lyn 07/16/10 03:50 pm Does anyone know whether the Rockville or Gathersburg areas felt it or nor. We have relatives in that area.
Shelley 07/16/10 04:44 pm The one in Quebec/Ontario last month was felt by many (but not by me). They say there is a fault line there. We, of course, joked how Quebec was really separating from the rest of Canada now. It's sort of a national joke. Thankfully, it was mild enough that we could joke about it.
FOB Webmaster 07/16/10 04:57 pm Lyn, folks in Gaithersburg should have felt it. That's just up the road from me.
martyc35 07/16/10 04:58 pm Lyn--the epicenter was reported to have been near Germantown by Weather Underground.
Melanie 07/16/10 05:34 pm Rockville & Gaithersburg are literally next to each other.
Trishrg 07/16/10 08:33 pm I heard this on the news this morning.
Pretty big news even here. And definitely must have been shocking to those of you not used to them.
As with Marty, down here in So Cal you kinda learn to shrug them off, but that was a pretty good jolt really, especially being near it Lisa.
Be prepared for aftershocks.... and a little unease when you have a big heavy tractor truck roll by....

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