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Thread subject: Loch of Lowes - today's blog notes
Name Date Message
Shelley 07/18/10 02:12 pm The name of the person is not familiar to me but I found her (his?) notes today a bit odd, considering that they are supposed to *know* osprey (or so I thought):

"Well, I left last night with the juvies calling for lunch and tea well into the evening hoping that either ma or pa would come through with fish for the family. Over the past 4 months I am constantly reminded of; the random timing of switchovers in incubation by each adult, the size or quantity of fish, what nesting material is brought to the nest, by whom, when are the best fishing times and what are the ultimate conditions. Every day provides a different pattern, including yesterday with delivery of very few fish. Was the behaviour yesterday a separating process, encouragement, or a dispute between the roles of female & male, or non of the above?"

A dispute between the male and female? I am no expert but from watching the DPOF over these last years, even I would never have thought that, or anything other than the parents beginning to withhold food in order to encourage the fledglings to learn to depend less on the parents and more on themselves, in preparation for migration. It is the next logical step, after fledging, isn't it?

Are the people who blog at LoL just lay people or are they people knowledgeable about the birds they are observing? Just wondering...
martyc35 07/18/10 06:13 pm I'm sure many of the LofL folks are novice observers, just learning, like so many of us. Patience, patience:-).
Anne UK1 07/18/10 06:40 pm Rinchen is a he, Shelley. Not sure what qualifications he's got, but he does most of the answering on the blog comments and seems pretty knowledgeable.

I think maybe he was just racking his brains trying to work out what's going on up there the last few days. Green 7Y doesn't seem to be bringing in too many fish and what he does bring are pretty tiny. C1 gets just about all of them, leaving C2 and Marge very hungry.

Marge apparently brought in 4 fish on Friday that she'd caught herself.

I only skim the blog comments because there's an awful lot of chat and many many poems and I haven't the time or patience to sift through all that to get to the key bits. (Oh for an obs board!)

But I did see one suggestion that the male has had his nose put out of joint by Marge going fishing (unlikely in my opinion) and another discussion that he's confused by her fishing and thinks maybe he's not needed as chief provider any more.

I think a lot of the comments are prompted by continuing worry about Marge - they think she had a bone stuck in her throat on Friday or Saturday and she was shaking her head a lot they way she did when she was ill. Add that to the lack of fish for Marge and C2 and it's a recipe for anxiety.

I'm just watching now at 11.24pm local time. According to the blog a fish was brought into the nest some 3 hours ago. Hogged for an hour and a half by C1, then C2 got hold of it and has been working on it for a similar length of time. All this while Marge has been standing by watching and waiting to get a bite for herself.

And just at this very minute C2 stood back having finally reached saturation point, and Marge at last got hold of the fish. Even then, C1 perked up and looked as if she was going to try to grab it again.

All this in the pitch dark on a nest which for the last couple of nights has been totally empty. And I can't remember the last time Marge was there at anything like this hour.

The male needs to up his game pdq!

Sorry this was so long, but as you can probably guess I'm quite concerned about our female too :(

Have a little chuckle - I'd written one long post already but I've got so many windows open I managed to close the wrong one and lost the whole lot! So forgive me for not reading through this and cutting it down to a more concise size ;)
Celeste 07/19/10 05:52 am Glad you took the time Anne....I think you should answer all their questions! Haven't had a chance in recent days so finding your summary was great.

Your right Shelley in thinking that at this time in the life of a nest, fish is not brought to the nest as often, particularly once the Juvies have fledged. A female adult's "clock" is ticking, in that she eventually will be leaving the area in a few weeks to start her migration, and she of course has to fatten up. Serious lessons on fishing will start soon also. It's been written that the male adult "shows the way", but osprey who have been hacked also learn to fish on their own. As Anne stated, I doubt very much that the adult male is not bringing fish because of Marge fishing. He adapted in a moment's notice to feed those chicks when Marge was ill. DPOF's nest had both adults bringing fish after fleging, and if I remember correctly, at this time of year Betty took manners into her own "ahem" talons several times bringing fish to the nest when her calls were ignored by Dennis. Of course as we all know, each and every nest is never predictable, and once again we might be learning and discovering new things happening, especially since Marge is on in years. In fact I would venture to say that there are not many nests at all that have been observed in the past that had a female as old as Marge. or at least any info on a nest such as this for us to learn from.
Anne UK1 07/19/10 06:25 am Thanks for your words of encouragement Celeste :)

I'm also a bit out of touch with the nest over the last few days so I'm gleaning what I can from the blogs.

One thing which does seem to have been a constant throughout the season is the apparent belief that this male may be inexperienced. This based on the fact that no-one knows where he's been since he first fledged 10 years ago. Well, it may be so or it may not - but he seems to have given bloggers the impression of learning as he goes along - which naturally leaves him wide open to suggestions that he's confused and perhaps making mistakes.

Poor chap. I think he's done marvels personally.

To my mind the main problem on this nest is C2 not being assertive enough. C1 is fine, totally dominant of both his sibling and his mother. If only C2 were as confident Marge could start taking care of herself, but it looks as if it could be a while yet before she feels the smaller one doesn't need her care and attention.

I imagine this is actually nothing out of the ordinary, it just seems a bigger issue because of Marge's illness and the awareness that she's still got some recovering to do if she's to migrate successfully.

Your comments re Dennis and Betty are interesting. I don't actually remember Betty going fishing but clearly she did. I'm starting to get the feeling that the female is always in charge and half her job is keeping the male in line (a feeling which certainly hasn't been lessened by watching the antics of the Woods Hole pair this year!).
Anne UK1 07/19/10 12:52 pm Shelley - it seems Rinchin is Canadian and he posted this snippit in reply to a blogger too.

"I worked at Vaseux Lake, and Spillamachine in the Columbia River Valley, and then at Mackenzie, north of you some time ago now."

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