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Thread subject: Loch Garten now!
Name Date Message
Anne UK1 07/19/10 10:17 am If anyone's out there, I think C3 may be about to fledge. One lonesome osprey on the nest, perched right on the edge and looking as if it may take the leap any second. Worth a look if you've nothing else to do.
cathleen 07/19/10 10:29 am I'm just tuning in, and yes, it does look like C3 has the ITCH and is trying to get the gumption up...
Anne UK1 07/19/10 10:35 am He's chickened out again. Stepped back from the edge and picked up one foot, shook it around a little. The put that one down and picked up the other, more shaking of it. Reminded me of standing near the edge of the sea trying to pluck up courage to go for a paddle when you just know that water's going to be so cold! Lift the foot, almost put it into the water, then pull it back and put it down on the sand again. I'm sure I've been there more than once.

You can see this chick so wants to fly - I think he may keep us waiting a while longer though. I have to go cut the grass before it rains but every time I go to get up he looks as if now might be about to take off. Come on C3 - you can do it!
Anne UK1 07/19/10 10:37 am Forgot to say - I checked the blog and he's been poised like this for a couple of hours or more. Maybe I better had start that gardening after all.
cathleen 07/19/10 10:49 am Well, it make take a while but he's practically edged himself off the right side of the nest, almost out of cam view!

I guess this will be his project today. (He's apparently scared shitless since he's blasted 2 rockets in 5 mins.)
Anne UK1 07/19/10 11:04 am lol Cathleen! Very appropriately put.

I keep popping back in to see if he's gone yet. It was so funny to see him gradually disappearing off to the right until just the tip of his tail was in sight. I had visions of him just flipping over the edge head first.

martyc35 07/19/10 12:02 pm My goodness, that nest is looking as clean of twigs as DPOF used to look during fledging or at the beginning of a new season. Hope C3 gets up in the air soon.
Anne UK1 07/19/10 12:56 pm It never ceases to amaze me how the nests change through the course of a season.

I see our chick is still in situ. He's not going anywhere today, is he.
Tiger 07/19/10 05:32 pm C3 did fledge about 4 hours ago.
DaisyG 07/19/10 05:37 pm Fledge and Return
Tiger 07/19/10 05:45 pm Great videos Daisy.
Anne UK1 07/19/10 05:59 pm Thanks Daisy :)

I knew if I decided he wasn't going anywhere today he'd prove me wrong - at least he had the good grace to wait a little while before making me look silly, lol.

It was a pretty confident take off in the end after all that dithering - he needs to practise his landings though!
martyc35 07/19/10 06:19 pm Is it just my imagination, or could I actually hear someone hollering from the hide, "Oh, my god, oh, my god!"? Probably just flapping wings, but I wouldn't be surprised:-).
Thanks for the video, Daisy.
Tiger 07/19/10 07:31 pm You are not wrong Marty. There was an audible cheer went up.
Anne UK1 07/20/10 03:08 am Oh, so there was! He certainly had a captive audience for his first flight.
DaisyG 07/20/10 06:40 am Yes the cheering in the background was brilliant. Forgot to mention that :)
Anne UK1 07/20/10 07:27 am I just caught this clip. Not sure if it's C3, but whoever it is still needs some landing practise! Video
Shelley 07/20/10 07:52 am Anne, that is hilarious!! I felt like shouting: "DUCK!!!!!" :-)
DaisyG 07/20/10 08:14 am LOLOL that was great, thanks Anne. Looked and acted like C3 to me :))
Obviously EJ is well used to low flying, inexperienced pilots :)
Nancy L 07/20/10 10:19 am Thanks so much for those videos -- loved them.
Celeste 07/20/10 12:12 pm I missed it, came in for the happy ending. Thanks for the videos Daisy, and Cathleen you crack me up:-)
martyc35 07/20/10 12:43 pm Thanks for confirming what I heard, Tiger and Daisy. That was a sure but not quite firm landing. At least he didn't overrun the runway!

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