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Thread subject: Wood's Hole
Name Date Message
Shelley 07/20/10 04:47 pm Funny stance, right now: the one perching on the bar on the right is standing with one foot hanging off the perch! Oh so non-chalant...
And what is that thing currently in the nest bowl? Looks like either a crumpled up piece of newspaper or something dead... weird

Hmmm, he just stretched his wings and moved that foot (his right) to the back of the perch, still hanging off. It doesn't look like anything is wrong with it but who knows? I sure hope not. If they keep building up the *fortress*, there soon won't be any room left to perch!
Pam 07/20/10 06:30 pm One bird was just standing astride the mystery object before it flew off. I can't tell what it is. I have enlarged the picture. Looks like maybe a strip of something, cloth or paper, bunched up into a heap.
Shelley 07/20/10 06:40 pm It is just so interesting to watch. I feel a bit obsessed but it is just entertaining. He must have brought in those last 3 branches (with the green puffs on them) since I last peeked in. I saw him drop the one in the centre and then take off and now, there are 2 more. He insists on standing on that right side of the perch where there is barely room for both his feet. The other side has lots of room. What goes in their little brains? Is there a method to his madness? With no chicks and this late in the season, what is the point of building up this nest so deliberately?
Pam 07/20/10 06:52 pm I confess I just look in occasionally but I am very impressed with the clarity of the stream this evening and the colour is stunning. If you increase your page size you can even see the mosquitos quite clearly.
Shelley 07/20/10 07:11 pm HA! He has moved over to the left! lol!

I love that this cam takes nearly the whole screen. Even as good as our DPOF was, it was never this big a view. (and I love that this one has something blue! ;-)

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