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Thread subject: Chestertown has fledged
Name Date Message
Melanie 07/23/10 08:58 am There has been only one chick visible for nearly an hour.
Melanie 07/23/10 10:12 am Gone from 8:10 - 9:30. Back and looking quite pleased with herself.
terryo 07/23/10 10:22 am Mel, you sure the one chick fledged. I was also watching and saw the one chick at the 10:00 o'clock position and I thought the other one had fledged, however, under the date/time stamp at the bottom of the screen I kept seeing the other ones tail feathers moving, almost impossible to see it as the cam doesn't go down that far. Time will tell.
Melanie 07/23/10 10:29 am I didn't see it fly but I was watching for it at the bottom. I know they like to hang out there. Didn't see a single feather for nearly 20 minutes until I had to look away. It's possible they were hiding out, though.
terryo 07/23/10 10:43 am That's funny, I was reading her past blogs (very funny) and when I looked back I could only see the 10:00 o'clock bird, maybe wynken (or blynken) has fledged, one was born on 5/29 and second on 5/30 according to their website, it's time.
Melanie 07/23/10 07:02 pm Well, the fooled me again. One chick very prominently visible; the other is completely out of view of the cam. I had to watch for about 10 minutes to finally catch a glimpse of the 2nd chick.

Can't say I blame them for not expending the energy on flapping and flying. It's beastly hot & humid - the heat index right now is figuring at 106 and that's at 7 pm. Tomorrow is going to be worse. Normally I come home to hearing several osprey flying and calling but today - NADA! Not even the crows are out.
Celeste 07/23/10 08:28 pm The heat is really keeping things quiet here also. The word has gone out that we keep cool water in the bird baths at all times-:-) This morning they were referring to tomorrow's temp in NY hitting the "century" mark. I am praying to the electricity gods through the night that we do not have any blackouts!

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