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Thread subject: Few osprey pictures from Carmans
Name Date Message
terryo 07/24/10 02:02 pm Went kayaking 6:15-12noon today and it's the hottest its ever been on the water. I took a ton of pictures but only have enough energy to post 8/9 quickies. DPOF chicks look fat and healthy. Dennis was overhead when I was on the Carmans fishing for the family. Betty was doing her usual squaking to hurry up with brunch. I took the other nest DPOF nest pictures from shore using a friends 500mm lens, should have used his 2x extender, didn't have time to fool around. Like Nancy said earlier this week the bugs will eat you alive (literally).Will post shortly. Enjoy

Pamela 07/24/10 03:37 pm Such good shots, Terry. Thanks for putting yourself out as mosquito bait. I, for one, appreciate seeing the DPOF nest looking neat and tidy and sporting two plump chicks with Betty waiting for a Dennis delivery. Sure do miss looking down on them and hearing their vocal requests.
Have a lazy afternoon, you deserve it.
martyc35 07/24/10 05:17 pm Awww, well worth waiting for, Terry. Thank you for taking the time and effort to do this on a hot, humid day. I am not regretting my move to Eureka, CA, where the morning fog and brisk afternoons are truly refreshing. How it looked from my deck in the fog this morning: HERE.
Shelley 07/24/10 07:40 pm Thanks, Terry. Great shots. So good to know all is well.
Somehow, I always thought the DPOF nest was deeper than it looks in your pics.

Marty, I have been getting my *sound fix* from the Loch of the Lowes nest this year!
Celeste 07/24/10 09:43 pm Wow, those photos really mean a lot. Thank you Terry..You are one brave person to go out there. My husband says we were chased by mud wasps on the trail at Wertheim. It's sure is one buggy area, and I can only imagine with this heat, (it's 9:41pm and the temperature in NYC is still 90!) Can't wait to see the Lipa (electric) bill. Those chicks look wonderfully chubby.....Thank you, thank you!
Pam 07/25/10 06:40 am Yesterday I could not access your photos Terry. This morning they loaded but it was a link connected in some way with Facebook (and I left a comment). Then my computer just froze and I had to reboot. Anyway....all SEEMS okay again now ! Thanks very much for the pics. As Celeste says they do mean a lot to us, to know that the DP birds are doing so well this year and your photos are very good. The nest looks very neat.

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