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Thread subject: From the *stuff-you-didn't-know-you-wanted-to-know* files
Name Date Message
Shelley 07/25/10 08:02 pm
I hope this works:

up close and personal

I was cleaning out some drawers and found this clipping from the paper. Here is what it said:

"This website features an x-ray movie showing how the cardinal continually changes the shapes of its upper vocal tract to produce such pure tones, much as a soprano projecting high notes does to be heard above the orchestra."

I only found the movie and xray stuff. I wasn't able to find a *website* per se. But it's interesting, anyhow! How the heck do they get this type of stuff?
Celeste 07/26/10 05:28 am Hmm, I want to know that too! As I type, "Mr C" and "Baldie" are letting me know breakfast should be served. (The male with full plummage, and our poor Baldie Cardinal, who is still feeding his female and here and there one of his chicks from more than one clutch this summer, seed from my window ledge.:-)
Shelley 07/26/10 07:09 am I have a Mr. and Mrs. who visit my yard and feeder once in awhile, too, but you know, I have never seen a cardinal chick!
Celeste 07/26/10 09:06 am They are really cute, they start out brown and chubby, and make constant chirping sounds begging for their parent to feed them. They do this for a while after they first fly. It's very sweet to watch. Eventually you see the signs of who is a little "Miss" and a little "Master":-)
Carla 07/27/10 09:17 am I have a couple pairs that bring their little ones to my side yard and I love watching them. It is funny when the parents decide the meal is over but the little ones stay grounded begging for more. The parents have to come back several time before the chicks finally follow them off.
Pamela 07/27/10 05:45 pm Little cardinal fledglings, in fact all new fledglings, have us glued to the window. A young Catbird and Titmouse sit on the kitchen window ledge looking in at the kitchen sink probably wondering when will we ever leave so they can pop up to the feeder to snack on sunflower hearts. I notice on the little Cardinal chicks coming to our yard their beaks are a rather light dusky brown instead of the bright orange.

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