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Thread subject: Loch Garten observations
Name Date Message
Craig 07/26/10 11:21 pm It's been interesting watching the juvies develop. I think the youngest juvie spent the night away from the nest for the first time two nights ago. I was a little concerned as it left when it was fairly dark.

I can't really tell which is which as I don't pay that close attention but it seems one is the most aggressive, even toward EJ when it has a fish and doesn't want her to take it to feed the others.

Another juvie seems to call out a lot, and loudly, more so than the others. The other juvie, the youngest I think, is less loud and more timid?

Yesterday, two fish (or one plus a part of another) were left in the nest from the night before. Odin came in and landed on the big one. The aggressive juvie followed him in and took them from him (nice trick Odin!) as if he had just brought in a new meal. Odin left. Another juvie landed but the first one stood over one piece while eating the other so the other juvie left.

Odin brought in a new, larger fish. The aggressive juvie took that fish and gave up the other two fish it had been hoarding. Another juvie came in and landed on the back of the aggressive juvie, and slid off. So funny! Odin left and the funny juvie finished off the two fish the other one had given up. The funny one then left.

Then EJ brought in a large salmon. No, the aggressive one didn't try to take that one, though I wondered for a bit. The juvie finished half of it's fish and then left. EJ started to eat. Eventually the loud juvie landed on the half fish. It took a few bites but kept calling to EJ. EJ wanted to feed it but they were too far away. The juvie kept calling but wouldn't move so EJ dragged her fish over and started feeding the juvie.

Sure enough, when it was full from EJ's feeding, the juvie left the fish it had been standing on. Later the timid, or more quiet juvie came in to be fed by EJ.

It seems two of the juvies still prefer to be fed by EJ than feed themselves. One time a juvie had a fish, had taken a few bites when EJ came in with a large salmon. Another juvie came in to be fed by EJ. Then the other juvie came in. The juvie with the fish gave up the fish to the last juvie, then eventually went over to be fed by EJ.

All very interesting to see.
Celeste 07/27/10 05:30 am The loud juvie must be a cousin of Chickzilla from the DPOF nest:-)

On a more serious note, it is so very interesting to observe a nest each year, as no two are ever alike. The dynamics between chicks can be so different from year to year, between parents and their chicks, whether they are a Chick 1, 2 or so on. As more and more nests are observed so many questions can be asked. Is the more aggressive chick more likely to survive long term, or the Chick 3 who fledged first perhaps out of hunger to get his own meal? Looking back a few years I came across a similar discussion that Tiger introduced about such questions...

What If

Yes it definitely is so very interesting!
Nancy L 07/27/10 12:12 pm Celeste, what fun reading that old Message Board discussion. Just remembering Flag was great - what a chick! Thanks for reminding us.
Tiger 07/27/10 06:09 pm Oh Celeste thanks for reminding me of that diuscussion. Yes it was rather interesting to speculate what would have happened if Stripe had been a chick #3 rather that #2

Mind you it is worth remembering that while Stripe was bad in our terms in 2006 there have been badder chicks since.

I am am also reminded of the huge debates we had in trying to determine which egg was removed from the nest. We employed much mathematics as well as photography but I do not think everyone ever agreed. I always believed that it was egg #1 that was removed from the nest and Star came from egg #2, Stripe from egg #3 and Flag from egg # 4.

Thus Flag was the only egg #4 that we witnessed that ever fledged at DPOF. I know that it has been observed elsewhere.

Yes it was so grippingly exciting back in '06.

Tiger 07/27/10 06:28 pm Oh another memory. Right at the end of 2006 season we have a very interesting incident. One evening an intruding juvenile arrived on the nest demanding bed and breakfast. This intruding juvenile was even bigger and tougher than Stripe and really showed Strip that he was not King of the ospreys.

At least one person (many I suspect) was pleased to see Stripe getting its just desserts.
Celeste 07/27/10 06:42 pm I had forgotten that. It seems like only yesterday, but yet it also seems a lifetime ago. Really sweet memories of all "our" chicks:-)
DaisyG 07/29/10 02:44 pm Thanks Celeste and Tiger for those memories and thank you to Craig for triggering them :)

I did enjoy seeing Stripe get his comeuppance Tiger, and yes, 2006 really was an exciting year.

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