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Thread subject: WOW! Tornado pics & story, the Bronx, NY
Name Date Message
martyc35 07/27/10 07:39 pm I just read this first-hand account of the Riverdale Tornado that hit the Bronx on Sunday. The diarist lives there and took many photos of the damage. Just amazing.
FOB Webmaster 07/27/10 08:14 pm Wild photos!

We got hit hard in Maryland. Some folks I work with just got their power back. Lots of trees down. I think Maryland had 3 deaths from the storm.
Celeste 07/28/10 05:34 am As a New Yorker, I was a aware that it was finally acknowledged that a tornado hit Riverdale. The East Coast has experienced extraordinary weather starting with the snowstorms in February. I wish this article was in all our newspapers, as yes, unfortunately, trees tend to be forgotten in the major boroughs such as the Bronx. Even without a tornado, I wish here on the Island, our electric company would go back to the days when trees were kept pruned and taken care of, so that when a violent storm hits, the trees that are vulnerable because they have not been taken care of fall and hit our power lines and cause thousands to be without electricity or worse yet, hit people, homes or cars, not to mention losing a tree that may not have fallen if it was pruned properly. ("Penny wise, dollar foolish")
Pam 07/28/10 06:51 am Marty - thank you for posting that link. I was astounded by the report and photos of something that barely made the news but would have been nationally reported here in UK. I watched that video by Snackdoodle in the comments. The whole situation was being treated with a sense of fortitude and humour which comes across to me as typically American. The "Okay, we can get over it" kind of attitude.

The weather has been VERY peculiar here for weeks now, very warm and very humid. Dark clouds passing over but hardly a drop of rain on the parched gardens. There was a small funnel tornado photographed recently in Leicestershire too but I didn't read of any damage. I am very pessimistic about climate change and what we have done to our planet since the industrial revolution. Our neighbours recently visited the Amish community in Pennsylvania and were very impressed with a lot of aspects of their way of life. I realise this is changing the subject but it is all interlinked, modern industry means pollution - pollution means global warming, global warming means disaster and, the way we are going it will be in the short run not the long run. Sorry to go on !!
Melanie 07/28/10 10:13 am I am always amazed at the things the news does not pick up. For example, yesterday morning a barge in Louisiana hit a well head and there was a 100 ft geyser of oil and gas spewing out. That was barely covered by news at all. Turns out the company that drilled it has gone out of business and it's been abandoned.
Pam 07/28/10 11:24 am The blog writer Eddie, said he could not find anything about the felling of the 150-200 yr old oak tree on Riverside through Google. I always use to search and find it by far the best search engine. I came up with two reports on the old oak and there may well be more, but here are the two. I don't hold an account with the blogsite but if anyone does and would like to leave a comment for Eddie, that would be good.┬Ąt_edition=2007-12-06
martyc35 07/28/10 11:53 am Thank you, all, and especially Pam, our resident researcher, for finding those sites on the old oak tree. I will forward them to Eddie, as I'm certain he will be pleased to find them.

Mel, I hadn't heard about the barge in Louisiana, either. This morning on my local/regional tv, I've seen the rebuilding of the SF Bay Bridge going on, and wildfires in Kern County, destroying many houses, but I suppose those are considered local stories by our media.
martyc35 07/28/10 12:51 pm And, Lisa, I didn't miss the MD story, as my daughter, Bonnie is here while her husband is at home in Bowie, MD. He was without power and then had too much when it came back on and blew something out. Sparks and smoke came from a wall, and he has had the electrician out to estimate a complete rewiring of their house, which was built in the 1960s. Everyone is safe in his neighborhood, but the power was out over a widespread area, including some parts of D.C. Bonnie is cooling out here on the west coast, smart one.
martyc35 07/28/10 07:27 pm Pam, I passed your links along to Eddie, and here is his reply. Sorry that you found another oak tree story, but I think it helped him jog his memory, and he was grateful that you tried. Thanks,
" Followup on the old oak tree story... (1+ / 0-)
A friend of mine in England looked these up after reading your blog, which I forwarded to a bird-watching group I belong to: and
I tried to make links for these, but the dKos system won't allow them, I'm not sure why.
She uses as her search engine. She couldn't find this on Google, either, but she got curious after reading about it from you.

Many thanks for taking your life in your hands to create this diary. Believe me, the story is now getting worldwide attention!

"That story is not worth the paper it's rotten on."--Dorothy Parker

by martyc35 on Wed Jul 28, 2010 at 09:15:28 AM PDT
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Hello martyc35 (1+ / 0-)
Thank you for looking but I'm sorry to tell you that the story about 3014-3620 Johnson Ave. was a separate incident. Another that I was familiar with and a protest that came after the one I'd written about. So you cleared up one mystery in my muddled mind, Giuliani not Bloomberg was the mayor when a 400 year old oak was replaced by a drug store.

I run into Jeffrey Dinowitz quite a bit around election season at my local Democratic club. He was listed as the mediator in the Johnson Ave story and I think he was also involved in the historic Riverdale Ave oak too so perhaps he will remember the judge who said "Trees have no rights."

But I'm still very amazed that "Bronx judge trees have no rights" and as many word combinations as I could think of came up empty. Perhaps it was before newspapers were online or some point when online news was not archived.

It did happen, it was said and when the news was fresh most members of the public were outraged. I'll get to the bottom of this at some point even if it means finding my old cell phone and calling one of the most active protestors for more information.

"Democracy only works when we claim it as our own" -Bill Moyers

by Eddie C on Wed Jul 28, 2010 at 03:37:32 PM PDT
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FOB Webmaster 07/28/10 09:13 pm Thanks, marty. Scary about the wiring.

I forgot to mention the traffic lights too. For two days we had the majority of ours out of service. Makes for a very interesting commute in this crowded area. :-)
DaisyG 07/29/10 11:38 am Wow Marty, scary stuff indeed. Thanks for bringing it to our attention. I am amazed there weren't more people killed.

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