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Thread subject: LotL juvie goes fishing
Name Date Message
Anne UK1 07/29/10 06:02 am I have to post this clip, taken a short while ago. I'm not too good on id'ing these two, but generally it's the case that the one eating is C1 so I assume this is C2 trying out of desperation to catch his own breakfast.

I've read on the blog that one chick has successfully 'caught' a pine cone and a stick in the last day or so. And here he is again in action. He won't get fat on these pickings, but maybe soon he'll work out what a fish looks like :) Enjoy - Video
Celeste 07/29/10 06:10 am Nice video, love the way the cam pans and you can see what is going on in that beautiful area. Never occurred to me that something other than a fish would be caugh by a juviet:)! I have seen juvies practice their fishing over and over on the Rideau Lakes in Canada. Major clumsy splashes, but those juvies do persist! So much to learn before their journey.....
Nancy L 07/29/10 10:06 am Thanks, Anne. Seeing that old egg in the nest next to the juvies, reminded me of how much they have grown. Amazing that they hatched from a little egg like that just about 2 months ago!
bruce 07/29/10 10:42 am This looks like a fun blog.People got totally mean yesterday on the other blog.Not like them.
Anne UK1 07/29/10 10:46 am Never having seen any osprey go fishing in real life, it was a real thrill for me to see this juvie make that splash and come back with his trophy.

I did feel for him though, when he had a go at eating it and discovered it wasn't quite as tasty as what his mum or dad usually bring him from the loch!

And yes, it's incredible to see the size of these juvies now next to that tiny egg. It all goes so quickly.
martyc35 07/29/10 12:47 pm Hang around, Bruce. Lots of friendly action here.
Mickey 07/29/10 05:07 pm very cool.Thank you for sharing :)
Anne UK1 07/29/10 05:40 pm LOL - you're welcome Mickey ;)

Craig 07/29/10 11:08 pm Thanks for sharing Anne. I assume it probably saw a fish and missed and got the other thing instead. Or maybe it's practicing grab-and-go with an object that doesn't move first?
Anne UK1 07/30/10 06:39 pm Well, we can only guess of course. If this was C2 then my feeling is the poor thing's so frustrated by his very dominant sibling always getting the fish he's decided to go get his own.

I think Lisa posted on here the other day, or maybe I read it on her blog, that Blackwater chicks have been pouncing on things on the ground as if practising grabbing a fish. So the same sort of thing, but without the water. I find it all fascinating.

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