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Thread subject: Mystery object in nest (Loch of Lowes)
Name Date Message
Shelley 07/30/10 10:07 am Anyone else watching? They just zoomed in on this white object. Earlier, I thought it looked almost like another egg except once a chick moved, I could see it was not the right shape. The chicks have been busy eating and Marge has been standing watch the entire time. Now that the cam zoomed in close, it looks more like a candy cane shape, but pure white.

Any guesses as to what it might be?

I also noticed that the cam zoomed in across the loch to the 2 small buildings where people could be seen looking through binoculars! :-)
martyc35 07/30/10 11:20 am I see a white object in the nest, but I am not going to speculate about what it is exactly. I'm too old to remember such matters.
Shelley 07/30/10 11:54 am Yeah, I thought about that, too...! ;-)

It's a lot less *mysterious* now, with no one around... ;-) I'm surprised Marge wasn't outraged that the kids would bring home something like that!
Shelley 07/30/10 01:39 pm LOL!!! I just had to look at the blog, to see if anyone else had their minds in the gutter, or if it was just us, Marty:

" eileen Isle of Wight says:
July 30, 2010 at 3:34 pm
Oh! my god, the chick is trying to eat that âthingâ in the nestâ¦.we can all see what it is, disgusting!

Carolyn says:
July 30, 2010 at 5:35 pm
Eileen, I donât think itâs what you think it is!

Hel, Edinburgh says:
July 30, 2010 at 6:27 pm
Does any one know what it is? Looks like mum flew off with it and dropped it in the Loch?!"

martyc35 07/30/10 02:01 pm Heee. I was sure someone else would have that idea, too. Well, sounds like Marge, a really good mother, took care of the problem.
martyc35 07/30/10 02:23 pm I forgot to mention this: I had tuned in to the LofL cam on Quicktime so as to have it open for awhile, when I suddenly heard a fly go by, divebombing the nest, I guess. I nearly leaped up, the sound was so real and so close. I got up and looked all over my office and could not find a fly or bee. Must have been outside, I thought. Then it finally dawned on me that I had the sound on, and the threatening fly was all the way over in Scotland! Damn. This technology is getting frightening. I don't want surround sound or 3D movies. I have quite enough reality as it is, thank you.
Celeste 07/30/10 05:12 pm This particular thread has been a "first" in osprey decor mentioned through the years on this site:-)) Too funny!
Shelley 07/31/10 07:36 am There is - ahem -- an update on the blog this morning. You know, this is a first for me, too. I had no idea:

"Hello Rinchen Is it possible that âthingâ on the nest yesterday was a swim bladder,which would be inflated if the fish was caught on the surface of the Loch, Wikipedia link,

rboardman says:
July 31, 2010 at 11:49 am
FK6, that was a thought that I had last night. I did not know for certain. Perhaps. Rinchen"


If you go to the wikipedia link, that is certainly what it looked like to me, but not what I would have called it... ;-)

You learn something new every day...
Anne UK1 07/31/10 06:39 pm That sounds quite likely Shelley. Strange that no-one seems to have seen one on a nest before though. Maybe that shows that it's rare for a fish to be caught right on the surface?
Shelley 07/31/10 06:44 pm Well, I had never heard of a swim bladder before. It looked to me an awful lot like a condom. And apparently, not just to me... ;-)

Those osprey. There's just no accounting for taste, when it comes to home decor...
Anne UK1 07/31/10 06:47 pm I've never heard of one either - I'm quite glad someone had though!

Speaking of home decor - I just looked in on the nest now and for a second thought we had a crab sitting there - Pic
Shelley 07/31/10 07:49 pm Wow! We never would have seen that if not for the night camera! Of course, during the day, an osprey might have eaten it... ;-)

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