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Thread subject: For anyone interested
Name Date Message
Pam 07/30/10 06:49 pm July at Race Rocks
Anne UK1 07/30/10 06:56 pm Pam, can you explain to me your connection with Race Rocks? I've wondered for years, but never got as far as asking.
Shelley 07/30/10 07:28 pm Lovely! Those chicks are adorable! Is that a gull or some other bird I can't ID?
Celeste 07/30/10 07:44 pm As always Pam, you never disappoint. We see many seagulls here on the Island, but I have never seen chicks! They were all wonderful!
Pam 07/31/10 05:40 am The chicks you can see now are mainly Glaucous-winged gull chicks. They start off spotty and then gradually turn grey-brown as they grow. Unfortunately Cam 5 has been inoperative for over a week so I have not managed any recent close-uip shots.

I discovered the original webcam (which was very slow with a 30sec update rate) in about 2004 I believe and took a sequence of shots of an eagle predating a cormorant. Then, like Topsy, it just grew from small collections of things I had seen into a monthly coverage and when I started spotting new species Garry was very excited and grateful to have the photos to add to the taxonomy pages. As you may know, I have been lucky to be invited over to the islands which is always a really big thrill. This year we will not be visiting the area. This will be the last year I will do the monthly albums but I will continue to look in daily and photo anything unusual or interesting. I have covered five complete years now and it is fascinating to compare the comings and goings of the birds and animals over that period. They are like clockwork, arriving at the same time and leaving at the same time from year to year and inhabiting the same parts of the island so that I know where to look for them now. It is the most beautiful area where you can see both the sunrise and the sunset and the wildlife is just fantastic. It has changed my life and given me a purpose in my old age and I love to share that enjoyment with others.
Anne UK1 07/31/10 07:03 am Thanks Pam. It's amazing how one little look at something new develops into such a big project.

When I first started looking at this message board I assumed you lived in the RR area, but gradually realised that you were putting all this together from your own home. I can't begin to imagine how many hours you've devoted to the site. I'm sure your efforts are very much appreciated - a five year album is a remarkable study.

Those little gull chicks are so sweet - hard to realise that just a few short weeks back our ospreys were that size too!
Vicki in S. CA. 07/31/10 12:49 pm Wonderful as always. The shot of the cruise ship, from the 14th, looks like a HAL ship. I was on one coming through the area on the 11th. For a bit I thought you had captured me!

The chicks and the stories about Slash and Misery are riveting. We will need followup on their lives, even if we no longer get a monthly album.
martyc35 08/01/10 10:12 pm As always, Pam, a fantastic collection of captures. Some of those shots have textures that rival the best of impressionist painting techniques. The gull chicks are adorable, and everything was stunning. Five years! We will miss these monthly shows, but I can see how you can't keep doing this, day in and day out.
Thanks for the many pleasures you have provided.

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