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Thread subject: Who remembers Betty staying on the nest at night?
Name Date Message
Melanie 07/30/10 10:38 pm I've been really watching the Chestertown Spy Osprey cam, especially since the Henlopen cam seems to be down more than up which is sad.

At any rate, everytime I look in at night, Momma O is always on the nest with the chicks. One has fledged and the other is sort of working on it although it seems very unmotivated to me. I just don't remember Betty staying with the chicks at night to this extent at this point. Or maybe it's just because the last few years we didn't have night vision that I'm mis-remembering.
Celeste 07/31/10 06:08 am I'm kinda leaning towards her not being on the nest once the chicks had fledged. But again, we haven't had night vision for several years as you said. Sometimes in the very early morning when I turned on the cam, she was definitely on the cam perch as there would be all those fumbling sounds above the nest:-)
Tiger 07/31/10 06:47 am Didn't we have Flag night after night as the lone chick?
Melanie 07/31/10 08:18 am I'm thinking it was unusual to see Betty on the nest at this point as much as I see Momma O. She's even on the nest for very extended amounts of time during the day.
Celeste 07/31/10 08:55 am I haven't watched the Chestertown nest that much, but from what you say happens in that nest, it didn't happen in the years I watched the DPOF nest. We used to say Betty was out and about getting ready for her own migration once the chicks had fledged and they themselves didn't always spend the night in the nest after a while, though as Tiger mentioned, Flag enjoyed the nest to himself "finally". Betty would also bring back fish she caught while she was away, especially if Dennis was "too busy"::)
martyc35 07/31/10 01:31 pm I can remember Betty staying hovered over her chicks during nighttime thunder/rain storms, but I think the chicks were still pretty small at that time. Here's a different take on the situation: I have noticed that the mom at Hailuoto has stayed on the nest most of the time with her chicks, but they are in the land of the never-setting sun up there, so does that count?
Back to DPOF: I found this sequence of photos while removing some old pics on Photobucket yesterday. It shows Dennis bringing in a fish, Betty feeding the newly hatched baby, and then losing the fish over the side of the nest, with Dennis trying to retrieve the lost fish. I thought it was funny:-).
DaisyG 07/31/10 03:48 pm LOL I remember that Marty. Yes it was very funny, thanks for the reminder :)
Anne UK1 07/31/10 06:34 pm I really can't remember much about night times at DPOF :(

Great sequence of photos Marty - which year was that?
martyc35 07/31/10 09:19 pm I didn't mark the dates on those, but I think it was 2007. Can't be sure, so if someone else wants to correct me, I will happily stand corrected. I didn't go over to check the obs board, but I'm sure we could track it down, as others were relating it, too.
Anne UK1 08/03/10 05:50 pm Thanks Marty. I think through the winter I might take a look back at all the previous seasons - I missed the first few years altogether and I think there's probably quite a bit I've forgotten about the ones I did see.

I wonder where all those chicks are now.

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