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Thread subject: When will Blynken Soar?
Name Date Message
terryo 08/01/10 05:52 pm The Chestertown Spy's latest info is that today Blynken is 65 days young and still chillin' out at home not ready to soar with its sibling. Some nice cam angles of Wynken flying off the nest, across to the other side of the river and then a few minutes later flying back home.
terryo 08/01/10 06:12 pm dad just dropped off a small fish and Wynken got it leaving Blynken to sulk and chirp.
terryo 08/02/10 06:40 am Just happened to tune in to the osprey cam and watched Blynken fly off the nest followed by Wynken who was flying with/near him over the mirror still Chester River. Blynken flew for a total of 3 minutes before heading back to its nest.
Celeste 08/02/10 07:10 am Saw one of the juvies take a really quick and nice flight, returned and breakfast is being served again. Almost pulled off Dad's leg getting to it! It was nice to catch all this action on this nest as I don't get to check it often!
terryo 08/02/10 07:51 am Celeste, the river is a beautiful background isn't it.
Shelley 08/02/10 08:27 am Three there right now. It cracks me up that there is no sound, especially when it is so obvious that they are vocalizing. Don't you just want to add some speech bubbles over their heads... ;-)

One juvie just took off. Is it me or is this nest particularly large? For all 3 of them to be standing in it and still it seems huge, I don't think other nests we've observed have been this spacious. In fact, they often seem a bit crowded. Maybe it's because this one is so flat and uncluttered with the usual osprey junk.
Shelley 08/02/10 08:46 am Are there 3 juvies? I thought there were only 2 but I see an adult and 3 juvies on the nest right now!
terryo 08/02/10 09:09 am There are 2 juvies Shelley. Maybe a 3rd one is on the lookout for a free meal from his neighbors lol
Celeste 08/02/10 09:18 am They positioned that cam perfectly, the way they can be seen flying out towards the water is beautiful. Yes, they are very vocal, (gosh I miss those chirps):-)
Melanie 08/02/10 09:55 am EMPTY NEST!!!!!!!

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