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Thread subject: Concerned about LotL chick
Name Date Message
Anne UK1 08/02/10 02:29 pm I took this video earlier and thought at the time it was strange to see this chick - which I'm pretty sure is the dominant one - lying in the nest for so long.

Maybe it's just my imagination, but around the 3:30 mark of this video he gets up to walk across the nest and his left leg seems to be troubling him. Not that I suppose there's much can be done if it is, but I'd appreciate some other opinions. Video
martyc35 08/02/10 02:40 pm Oh, dear. Yes, I've looked at the video and I'm wathing live now. He/she seems unable to stand or walk. I can't tell whether its general or one leg, though. Calling for help or food. It does not look good, AnneUK1. These are the times when we feel so absolutely helpless. I'll take a look at the blog.
martyc35 08/02/10 02:48 pm Well,since I posted above, the chick is on its feet at the edge of the nest and calling loudly, now it has flown off the nest, so we will see. Didn't look like a leg injury. No word of trouble on the latest nest blog.
Shelley 08/02/10 03:04 pm Anne, I noticed on today's blog, they are asking people to blog their views of the family in order to keep more accurate records of the birds. Maybe you should post this video and just mention your concerns so they can keep an eye open at that end, as well. Like you say, there really isn't much anyone can do about it and it would be so sad, at this point in the season if something had happened. Can a bird's leg *fall asleep*, like ours? Maybe that's all that happened, especially since he seems to have been recovered enough to fly off. Let's just hope he returns!
Anne UK1 08/02/10 03:13 pm Thanks both. Good to hear your recent ob Marty - I could well be worrying over nothing. It's just I don't recall this one lying down for ages but maybe it's worn itself out practising fishing. Or he could just have knocked it on a branch and it's hurting a bit now but isn't anything serious.

I'll have a look at posting on the blog Shelley. Trouble is, it's moderated and once the staff finish for the day nothing goes through until the following morning.

I wish I'd looked more closely earlier, but I thought someone else would surely notice and comment - there's not much gets missed on that nest this year. Hopefully the staff have their sharp eyes on things and if there is a problem they'll be monitoring it.
martyc35 08/02/10 03:43 pm I've been online with the cam on since my last post, and he hasn't returned. The nest is still empty. I hope he was just a little cold, warming up, and then realizing that Mom was not going to come and feed him. We've had enough illness at this site for one year!
Shelley 08/02/10 04:11 pm There is one chick on the nest right now
martyc35 08/02/10 04:18 pm According to the map of the world's time, darkness will be creeping in there very soon, so perhaps the chicks will roost at home for the night and get some comfort and rest. Looks like they need the bird's world equivalent of mashed potatoes right now:-).
Anne UK1 08/02/10 06:28 pm The nest is still empty, so hopefully I've worried over nothing and he's safely perched in a tree somewhere.

It just seemed strange to see the dominant juvie lying down calling for food like that. This was at 3.15 local time this afternoon, and when I looked in again around 6pm the same juvie was again lying in the nest and calling for food just as before. I think he'd been off the nest in between, but even so it's not what I've been used to seeing in recent times.

I've posted a note to the osprey team via the blog, so they can take a look anyway.
Anne UK1 08/03/10 02:53 am He seems okay this morning. Walking around all right and even standing just on that left leg with his right one tucked up under him for a while. Looks like it was a false alarm, thank goodness.
Anne 08/03/10 06:11 am I seem to remember another chick doing this - just being lazy and lying down whilst calling for food. Cant remember which nest it was though.

Incidentally, I understand that the drought in Scotland this year has caused many rivers including the Tay to dry up and salmon and sea trout have been unable to get upstream to spawn. People have been able to walk across the river bed of the Tay in Perth and many other places. I have seen Ospreys fishing the Tay from Birnham (of Macbeth fame) in the past, and I am just wondering if their food supply has been affected this year. As far as I know, the LOL Ospreys only have the Tay and small Lochs of Lowes, Clunie and Drumellie to go at.
martyc35 08/03/10 01:40 pm Glad you got a look at him this morning, AnneUK1, and Anne, I don't have a clue how to answer your drought concerns, except to hope the birds don't run out of food.

I've had the LofL cam on all morning here, and so far, the most action has been a couple of jet planes flying noisily past. Otherwise, gentle wind sounds, swaying nest, and no sign of ospreys are all that I have to report. Let's hope the family comes home to roost tonight, but they may be just hanging out somewhere nearby, too. Good luck, Marge and kids!
Celeste 08/03/10 01:42 pm Definitely! Happy Trails!
Anne UK1 08/03/10 05:38 pm Everything seemed fine up there today. Both chicks looking in top form and at one point they had a fish each, which is something I've only seen once before on this nest this year.

They've been on the nest quite a bit during the day Marty, you just must have picked the wrong times - probably because you're a way behind us over there. They roost elsewhere at night so once it's dark I'm afraid you've no chance of seeing them, but I've a ton of videos which I aim to get loaded up to youtube over the next day or two.

I had a reply from Emma at LotL to my blog comment. They checked out the video and although they could see the juvie was limping at that point, there's no sign of any external damage. They think he may just have taken a knock while he was practising fishing, but that there's nothing to worry about. They'll keep an eye on him just in case, which is all you can ask really.

Over the last two days I've noticed a bit of role reversal with these two juvies. It's always been C1 who was very dominant and got first dibs on every fish that was delivered. That seemed to change yesterday, and again today while I've been viewing it was C2 who got the fish and C1 who was left complaining.

It's good to see the submissive one starting to assert himself. If that continues, I wonder if it will help Marge decide she can safely leave them.

Anne, I don't know how the drought may be affecting things. But if the supply at LG is anything to go by, it's not causing too much of a problem so far - they've definitely not gone short of fish on that nest, and apparently EJ brought in a 28" pike a day or two ago!

The problem with sea trout and salmon might not manifest itself until the time when the ones that should have hatched this year are due to return. I'm not sure how many years away that would be?
Anne 08/04/10 07:31 am Yes the drought has not affected LG because the Ospreys there have so much more water to go at and of course they have ready-meals at the fish farm! Its amazing how all the Speyside ospreys find that farm. I believe its wonderful to go there in August when you can get up to 10 juvies practicing. You can pay and go into hides to watch.
Shelley 08/04/10 11:53 am I saw one of the juvies on the nest earlier this morning with a good-sized fish. I have no idea if he caught it himself but he was alone and calmly eating and looking around, very grown-up! :-)

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