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Thread subject: Update from Rutland
Name Date Message
Anne UK1 08/03/10 05:13 pm The latest news made me smile - we had a brief visit to Rutland early this season and one of the rangers up there told us ospreys can't count. Not so, apparently :)

The previous diary entry from 28th July is interesting too - an account and photo of the female juvie on Manton Bay nest feeding one of her siblings. Link
Anne 08/03/10 05:35 pm Thanks for reminding me Anne, those stories really made me smile. We went to Rutland this year too, in June.
Anne UK1 08/03/10 05:46 pm I loved it up there. We only had a day and a half, but it was so peaceful it was a real holiday away from the hustle and bustle of life. I didn't even mind that we didn't see any fishing - the most action we got was one fly over by the male, a sighting that lasted all of two seconds.

We went in June too, when the chicks were very tiny. Maybe next time we'll go later in the season and then I might finally fulfil my ambition of seeing an osprey fishing.

We did get a great view of a Red Kite while we were up there. Not at Rutland Water, but outside the window of a Little Chef while we were having breakfast. Now that's crazy, lol.

martyc35 08/03/10 06:22 pm Great stories and photos. Thanks for providing the link.
Anne 08/04/10 07:26 am Oh yes Anne we saw a Red kite too. We were on the Rutland Belle and it flew over the water. I did not realise they had spread to Rutland.

They have just released Red kites in the Lake District so I am hoping they will spread into Lancashire next.
Anne UK1 08/05/10 05:44 am They seem to be spreading far and wide nowadays. A real success story, though I have reservations about the tendency of some places to feed them on a regular and, I gather, pretty serious basis.

Yes, it's great that the population is increasing, but I'd be happier if it was because the birds were finding their own food and setting their own balance. I have this fear that kites may in time be seen as a pest just as seagulls and foxes are now - coming too close to towns to scavenge man's rubbish.

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