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Thread subject: North Fork Osprey
Name Date Message
Tim P 08/04/10 09:30 am I have posted some pictures of the morning out with Rob Bierregaard @ The North Fork golf club in Cutchogue, NY Click on the North Fork Tab.
terryo 08/04/10 11:46 am Enjoyed your pictures very much Tim, tks for sharing. Any idea how many grams the gps weighed? This experience will stay with you for life.
Shelley 08/04/10 11:56 am Great pics, Tim. I'm curious about something, though. It sure looked as if it was easy to attach the gps to the osprey. How did they do it? And how come the loons in Minnesota had to undergo surgery in order to attach them to them? Or was it something else entirely that was done with the loons.

I'm also wondering how much the devices weigh and how can they be sure the birds don't try to pull them off while grooming/preening? I can't imagine they don't know there is something foreign on their backs.
Nancy L 08/04/10 01:09 pm Thanks so much, Tim. Glad you had the experience.
Tim P 08/04/10 02:16 pm shelley, the straps are attached to the gps, rob the threads the straps thought the cardboard templet.once all the straps are in place , he sews them together with needle & thread. The stitches are secured with quick dry glue along with the cut end to avoid fraying. I'm sure the bird knows he has the device on his back. Why they don't get pulled off I don't know. Terry the gps weighs a lil more than 1 ounce.
Celeste 08/04/10 02:53 pm A day you will never forget Tim! Thanks, they were great photos!
Anne UK1 08/05/10 05:37 am Thanks for the pics Tim :)
martyc35 08/05/10 01:13 pm Thanks for taking the field trip and the photos, Tim. I hope this venture yields good data. I also looked at your other photos--fantastic!
Tim P 08/06/10 07:41 am Hello, Thanx for your comments.
Rob has informed me that the bird the transmitter was placed on wasn't the breeding male from the nest we were at. Turns out he was a non breeding male from a neighboring nest. I imagine that this will make retrieving the transmitter more difficult.
Rob plans to update his website today with (North Fork Bob) bio & maps. Again thanx for your comments and be sure to check out robs tracking page.

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