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Thread subject: Marge may have set off on migration
Name Date Message
Anne UK1 08/05/10 05:22 am According to the LotL blog she's not been seen since around 10am yesterday.

My computer was out of action from Sunday evening so no clips from me, but Alison from the Lotl blog page caught this last sight of our wonderful female.

Mixed emotions looking at this. Sad to think she's left us, but so pleased that she is able to. Happy Trails Marge! :) Video
Shelley 08/05/10 08:02 am I have just finished reading all the comments to the blog this morning. I agree with you, Anne, about the mixed emotions. It is always sad for us at this time of year, but after all she has been through, it is really wonderful to know that she has recuperated sufficiently to follow her instincts. I soooo wish she had been tagged so we'd know for sure, but whatever will be, will be, as they say. Wishing for the best. Do they plan to tag the chicks at this nest or is it too late for that now?
Anne UK1 08/05/10 08:19 am Hi Shelley. No, they had planned to tag the juvies this year, but after Marge's illness they decided not to risk causing any further stress to the family.

I'm actually glad we can't follow Marge. Ignorance is bliss for me - I'm happy to just imagine her safely migrating and spending a relaxing winter in the sunshine with blue seas and green countryside around her.
DaisyG 08/05/10 09:24 am Yes looks like she has gone.
I didn't get any clips either but big thanks to Alison for hers. Great that Marge did a circuit of the loch before disappearing and lovely to watch.
I wish her well and hope to see her again next year.
Come on Marge! If anyone can do it, you can!
martyc35 08/05/10 01:19 pm I think we're all in Marge's camp this year! Good luck, Lady.
Shelley 08/05/10 01:41 pm Oh yes, of course. I remember that discussion now that you mention it, Anne. The right decision, for sure. And I'm with you re ignorance is bliss.
Anne 08/05/10 05:06 pm I am convinced that Marge winters in Spain - thats why she is always back first - and if so she has every chance of making it.

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