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Thread subject: What sounds do you remember from the DPOF nest?
Name Date Message
Nancy L 08/07/10 10:04 am I remember the geese flying over & also just before nightfall. I remember the train whistle as it went through Brookhaven; also the rooster crowing from Betty's yard and sometimes a Bob-white in the field.
martyc35 08/07/10 01:13 pm Well, you just sent me on a fruitless search for saved bookmarks from DPOF, most of which were recordings of sounds made by Cathleen, I think, but which are long gone now. Yes, I remember all of those familiar sounds, and some quite startling as well. One time, a huge gull landed on the nest and let out such a jolting and frightening sound that I nearly fell off my chair, way out here in CA. I miss all the sounds, but especially Flag's insistent song and his little thank-yous every time he got a bite of food. Thanks for the reminder, Nancy.
Pamela 08/07/10 08:20 pm What an interesting question, Nancy. The alarm calls, fish requests and murmurers of gratitude from the chicks are sorely missed along with the putting of an outboard motor on the river, the train whistle and sometimes the fire station alarm. To this day whenever I hear the screech of a Red-winged Blackbird it immediately brings the DPOF nest site to mind.
martyc35 08/07/10 08:27 pm Pamela, you reminded me with the outboard of the human voices, partiers or lovers? who would pull up nearby with motors running, talk quietly or loudly for a while, and then drive off, probably unaware that Betty and kids were watching them. And, of course, the RWBBs, a perennial bird call from that site. And those sirens, reminding me of life in Portland during WWII.
Pamela 08/07/10 08:34 pm . . and here I thought they were fishermen, Marty ;-)
martyc35 08/07/10 09:19 pm Funny--my mental picture was of teenagers in a convertible, beer in paper bags, and potato chips.
Shelley 08/07/10 10:07 pm I remember hearing what I was sure was a duck. I remember discussion of this, too, and that's when I learned that osprey sounds can sometimes sound like a quack!

I also remember hearing geese fly by. But mostly I learned to distinguish different osprey calls: alarm, hunger, nagging, chitchat...

Anne 08/08/10 08:11 am The DP site imprinted the sounds of Ospreys in my mind forever (for which I am eternally grateful). I now hear them before seeing them when I am in Osprey country over here.

I too remember the train, the helicopter spraying insecticide, the dawn chorus and the cockerel, the geese flying over and all the other local birds. But most of all I remember Flag's Fugue, in fact I have it on my ipod and often play it!
Nancy L 08/08/10 11:14 am 'Flag's Fugue' on your ipod -- That's just great! Love it.
Anne UK1 08/08/10 06:14 pm I guess we all have the same memories - that train and the birds that give a short whistly call are the main ones for me. Oh and the occasional 'motor bike' - which I was relieved to learn was actually a boat out on the water, not hooligans right at the bottom of the nest pole.

My top two though - Betty's sweet chirps - and, of course, our little Flag! :)
cathleen 08/08/10 07:17 pm Well, for the record, here is my capture of Flag's Fugue.

Besides all the various osprey chirps of greeting, courting, mating, begging, grunting/honking, alarming and warning, as well as the cacophony of an imminent fish delivery to a full nest, I also remember the sound of people alarmingly nearby, dogs, other birds (RWBB, geese and bobwhites), the helicopter, train, boats, thunder, high wind and rain and the fluttering or thumping sounds from the cam perch (often reported by Celeste in the early morning reports).

What a great question to be asking at this time in this season, Nancy - makes me nostalgic.
Melanie 08/09/10 01:40 pm Listening to the "real" Betty's birthday party.
martyc35 08/09/10 02:18 pm Thank you, more than you can know, for re-posting Flag's Fugue, Cathleen. I thought I had lost it forever, but now it is safely bookmarked among my faves. I should have copied it before, because I know you told us that your saved version would disappear after awhile, but I didn't do it in time. Have it now, and thank you, thank you.
Celeste 08/14/10 05:08 am I was in Canada when this thread was active..and boy does this bring back so many thoughts to me. Firstly, thank you for Flag's Fugue, that in itself brought back so much.

For me, the early mornings that I would watch brings the different birds that greeted the day, the honking geese, blackbirds, the beginning of soft chirps for breakfast, and yes, definitely, the thumping on the perch, each and every single day for so many years!

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