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Thread subject: Osprey Photo Mosaic at Wertheim NWR
Name Date Message
FOB Webmaster 08/09/10 05:56 pm Hi all,

I just read that Wertheim NWR is planning to create a 5000-image osprey photo mosaic for their new Visitor Center. Details are here.

If the New Yorkers here have any photos they can submit -- or if you know New York photographers who would be willing to send in some photos -- it would be great to see the mosaic come together and show off our beloved "osprey" to all the visitors at Wertheim.
Shelley 08/09/10 08:12 pm Tim has some great photos! Hey, Tim, go for it!
Tim P 08/09/10 11:40 pm I think the concept here is to create an image of an osprey by using other general nature photos.
Over all the image would be of an osprey but as you examine closer you will see smaller pictures. Its a lot of work.
Lori 08/10/10 02:32 pm That is the concept Tim; I read about it way back when they were first going to build the new center. The over all huge wall picture will be that of an osprey; but it is supposed to be made up out of many many pictures of osprey. So why can't your pictures be part of the whole :) I also thought that many of the screen captures from "our" nest should be submitted; but that was just my thoughts
Melanie 08/10/10 03:27 pm It all depends on whether you want your small, postage stamp sized image to be seen or to meld in with the whole and not be seen for itself :-p
Mickey 08/10/10 07:37 pm being the trouble maker that I am :) Someone should submit that girls photos who caused trouble here a few weeks ago.. Come on admit that you at least thought of this *S*
Lori 08/10/10 07:42 pm Mickey! What a Novel idea! :) hehehe
FOB Webmaster 08/10/10 08:08 pm Yes, Lori -- I agree. It's about contributing photos that make up the whole, not about showcasing just one photo.

The article says they want "pictures of friends, family and yourself outdoors." So they're combining shots of people enjoying nature with the greater goal of highlighting the osprey.

I was happy they chose an osprey to be the image that greets people who visit. Normally the osprey doesn't get to be so front-and-center.
martyc35 08/11/10 12:29 pm "pictures of friends, family and yourself outdoors."
This reminds me of the (2006?) DPOF picnic (when the tree went down) at Dennis and Betty's barn, and weren't there pics of Betty in her house and I know DPOF has pics of Dennis Puleston. I certainly hope some of those will be included.

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