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Thread subject: Canada 2010
Name Date Message
Celeste 08/14/10 05:28 am As many of you might know, each year my family visits the beautiful Rideau Lakes, Jones Falls, Canada. Since I've been active on this site, I also remember and laugh at the memory of Mickey blaming me for a power failure several years ago, that started in Canada and causing most of the East Coast to lose electricity.

The last couple of years we have also visited the Chateau Montebello for a couple of days. It was built in 1930 on the grounds of what was once a 17th century Seigniorial estate. It has also hosted a North American Leaders Summit. This hotel is on 63,000 acres of land, and one of the things the hotel offers is a ride in an old Troop truck up a steep hill to view bears that are busy fattening up for the winter. Though we didn't see any cubs, we did see one bear who was busy eating apples that were thrown there by the guide before he had gotten there.
Onto the Rideau Lakes in Ontario, where fishing rules! Osprey can be heard chirping away on the premises, but for one afternoon, my husband put down his fishing pole and we went osprey watching at a couple of nests. One in particular had 2 juvies calling for fish non-stop. It's hard to take photos from a rocking "row boat" with a motor, but I enjoyed every single chirp and I realized once again how in a few short weeks these "calling" juvies will be on their way to their wintering grounds. It never ceases to amaze me.

A few photos..
Canada 2010
Shelley 08/14/10 07:43 am Beautiful, Celeste. I have a lovely memory of my only trip to Rideau Lakes, Jones Falls! ;-)

Thanks for the photos! Was it as hot and muggy there as it has been (and still is!) here?
Celeste 08/14/10 07:50 am Yes, though Quebec was cooler while we were there. We also had heavy rains in the late afternoon a couple of days at Kenney's. An old tree which was directly in front of our rooms, (the ones that face the lake that you saw), lost a major part of it one morning. That was a sound and sight to see at 6am, particularly since Frank was on his way to fish!
Pam 08/14/10 09:24 am Thanks for sharing your happy time with us Celeste.
Nancy L 08/14/10 10:20 am Thanks for your story & photos. I had a feeling when I went to the arboretum, that you might be in Canada at that time. We're on our way back to the Adirondacks again tomorrow, kayaks on top.
Anne 08/14/10 12:21 pm It looks lovely there Celeste. Thanks for the pics.
martyc35 08/14/10 02:35 pm Thanks for the lovely pics, Celeste. I think the North American Osprey joint venture with people is a story that coninues to unfold. It seems that wherever there are bodies of water and fish hatcheries, there are now osprey platforms built by human beings to welcome the ospreys to share. Along with the Dennis Puleston story, it's one of the better environmental tales of the last 50 years or so. Great to see the juvies, and their platform.
Melanie 08/14/10 11:21 pm Glad Frank finally got his bear, baited or not.

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