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Thread subject: I know its late but:
Name Date Message
Mickey 08/21/10 08:06 pm Today I went to Cupsogue beach in Westhampton. A friend invited me to their campsite. The nest just West of the bridge had 2 chicks on it. But much to my surprise when I entered the beach parking lot I went to the far North West corner and parked. When exiting the side door my eyes locked on a beautiful nest not 50 feet away. 2 chicks were fish chirping and soon fish was delivered. What a unexpected treat I got today. So everyone got Osprey lessons :)
Celeste 08/22/10 10:20 am It's always a nice surprise to find a nest "in the Long Island neighborhood". I was shocked to drive by a local park pond that I pass millions of times of day and saw for the first time an osprey probably fishing for carp yesterday. And yes, I know all about the "Osprey lessons", my family just rolls their eyes at me:-)
Pamela 08/22/10 11:17 am Isn't it a #10 day when you are treated to an unknown Osprey nest and with occupants? Happy to hear it was you, Mickey, I know it was appreciated, especially when you describe it as being beautiful. Oh wow, we're smitten!
cathy 08/23/10 02:20 am (almost) Nothing beats seeing osprey action!
Pam 08/23/10 07:47 am ...and it's sad to look in on the Osprey nest webcams to find nobody home :-(
Pam 08/23/10 07:53 am Just at Blackwater at this time
Pam 08/23/10 07:54 am ...make that TWO !!
and one eating fish Here A new one for me, not seen it before.
Lyn 08/27/10 08:13 pm Two weeks ago got my birthday treat out in the Greenport area. There was an Osprey nest not far from the road, and lo and behold an adult and juvenile on the nest! It was a great sighting, but the traffic on the road was such that we couldn't pull over to take a picture. :-( It was like the icing on the cake of a beautiful day with my daughter.

Dope that I am I forgot the correct way toget back here, again! :-() This time it goes into my favorites.

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