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Thread subject: More sad news from Molly the Owl, in California
Name Date Message
Shelley 08/21/10 09:44 pm Molly's youngest owlet, named Jody, died this afternoon. It was a shock to everyone as she seemed to be doing well and was fairly active when I last checked in there, around noon or early afternoon. Even Carlos, the owlbox owner, is at a loss to explain what happened. He speculates about the heat in the box but it is difficult to really know.

He shut off the cam for now, so Molly could do what must be done, in private. He posted this link, which I find fascinating but not surprising. It was written in 2006.

The Way of the Owl

Sadly, this cam is on UStream, with a chat and a Social Stream running constantly on the side. While most of the folks are good, decent people, on the Social Stream, at least, there are some real idiots, trolls, who constantly post insensitive garbage. They succeed in upsetting everyone else, which is of course, exactly what they want to do. I only lurk there, have never participated, but it drives me nuts that people just can't seem to understand that by responding at all, they *feed the troll* and this is precisely what he wants. Sigh...

Jody's hatch last weekend, was captured on video and was one of the most remarkable hatchings I have ever witnessed. Well, it may actually be the ONLY hatching I have ever witnessed, from start to finish, but what was so exciting about it was that Molly helped her hatch. If anyone is interested, I can post a link to it.
Trishrg 08/21/10 10:55 pm Interesting Shelley. That was a good article, thanks for the link. There was another further down the main page there too.

I avoid Molly/Mcgee like the plague due to the vile chat stream.
Sad about the chicks, but yes, we have finally found summer here on the west coast in So Cal.
I don't think he did any favors turning off the cam. Nature is what it is, and trying to sugar coat it to "protect us" I don't think is right. Just my opinion of course.
Might hurt his coffee cup, or mouse pad sales though, so I can see his point.

On another note, MY barn owls
Has 2 that branched/fledged last night, and maybe the third will go tonight.
I went to their banding, and got to meet them in person. Special little owls to me :)
Shelley 08/22/10 09:50 am Wow, I had not known about that cam! Thanks, Trish. Very interesting!

I love the Molly cam and I do like Carlos, although I agree, the *hard sell* of merchandise is a bit over the top, in my opinion. That said, I did purchase 2 ebooks, from the first clutch, and the video, so I could share them with my students. But that's it. None of the other stuff.

I think web cams have opened up such a wealth of new knowledge and education for us these last few years. It truly awes me to be able to view, in my own room, what it seemed only National Geographic had previously had the priviledge of *seeing*... I am loving every bit of, and I guess the price we pay sometimes, is the riffraff that goes along with it. ;-)
Trishrg 08/22/10 11:06 am Ah yes, I definitely am all for teaching our youth about wildlife and nature, and that does require material!! Awesome!
I forget there are a couple of educators that post here, though I can't remember who I am most days!
Good for you Shelley!

I really can't blame Carlos. He found a proverbial gold mine in his back yard, and is capitalizing on it big time!
Heck, if I could find a get rich quick scheme, I would probably go for it too. I wouldn't use Ustream though, LOL!
martyc35 08/22/10 12:48 pm Sorry about the bad luck at that nest. As for the trolls, I think they will eventually go away for several reasons: the rude teenagers will grow up; the true meanies won't get enough thrills and will quit out of boredom; the last of the thrill seekers will find other spots on the web to aggravate. We feed them recipes at dKos.

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