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Thread subject: End of Season behaviour?
Name Date Message
Tiger 08/24/10 06:09 am During the time we had the cam here at DPOF it was usual for Betty to leave early and leave Dennis in charge of feeding the chicks. Now I think that for the most part Dennis stayed around until the chicks left with 2006 being an exception where Flag was possibly the last to leave.

However as we have seen more and more nests it is becoming clear that behaviour varies. At Loch Garten just now we have two chicks left behind and both parents are gone. Indeed for the last two years it has always been a chick that is last to leave at Loch Garten.

So any idea what percentage of nests does the male stay until the very last chick has gone?

Shelley 08/24/10 07:16 am No idea about the numbers, Tiger, but there is an interesting blog entry today at Loch of the Lowes:

Loch of the Lowes blog

I think they are all gone there now. Also, an interesting report there from Roy Dennis as well as a tv show that sounds like it had a great story (though not about osprey)
Anne 08/24/10 07:30 am I dont think we will ever know the answer to that one Tiger. There must be so many factors involved. This year, the appalling weather that's swept across the north of the UK must have triggered every sensible Osprey to pack up and go south!

Shelley, I saw most of that that clip on TV. It was so funny to see the face of the resident chick suddenly confronted by 3 new siblings. I didnt see where the rescued chicks came from, but I suspect they were some of those recovered from a professional egg thief who was imprisioned last week. Story
Shelley 08/24/10 08:46 am Good grief. How many times are they going to arrest and then set this guy free? How many more times and in how many more countries will he succeed in stealing eggs? I am no detective but I would hazard a guess that yes, he IS making money from this! DUH! Either that, or he has some very weird hobbies. Does it really warrant an *investigation*?!

People are strange. No doubt about it.

It is terrific that the eggs were able to survive and hatch healthy chicks, after such a journey!
Melanie 08/24/10 09:47 am I have been watching a webcam here in Maryland and am seeing very little evidence of the male at the nest - just chicks with fish. Of course I'm manning three phones and trying to get my regular work done at the same time, so that's not absolute.

Knowing, though, that chicks have a very poor success rate at fishing and seeing at least three fish a day in the nest being eaten, I suspect that our male is still bringing fish to the nest, although that should be seriously tapering off shortly.
Melanie 08/24/10 09:51 am I know what this guy is doing - falconry is a hot sport in Arab countries and it's a big deal to have a bird. I'll bet he's supplying. Well, at least the consolation is the eggs are stolen with the idea of them surviving rather than being dessicated and winding up in someone's display drawer.
Anne 08/24/10 01:40 pm Yes you're right Melanie - the eggs were worth £70,000 in Dubai. When this story was on our TV news last week, they showed a video of this guy dangling beneath a helicopter somewhere in N America, think it was either Maine or Canada, and stealing eggs from a sea ledge. He had made his own promotional video to convince the Arab buyers that his eggs were 'wild and pure'. He's been at it for years and should be locked up for a lot longer than 18 months.
DaisyG 08/25/10 05:04 am A mini update from Caroline at Loch Garten this morning reports that Odin is still around.
Tiger 08/25/10 06:40 am This is so amazing. I was about to go out this morning when I read that Odin was still around. It was such a thrill to think he was there looking over his chicks but refusing to fish for them! Odin has gone up a lot in my estimation!
DaisyG 08/26/10 07:01 am Mine too Tiger.

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