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Thread subject: Osprey pictures from the Carmans River
Name Date Message
terryo 08/27/10 05:38 pm Very windy but sunny day on the Carmans today. Nice to see Dennis and one of (the only?) the chicks. Saw a total of 7 ospreys today, no females as Tim had also earlier reported, just the dads teaching the kids their needed fishing skills. Also included a few miscellaneous bird pictures. Double click to enlarge each picture and to read each picture explanation I included. Enjoy

bethohio 08/27/10 08:30 pm Very nice photos terryo...
Really liked the D-C Cormorant, wow!
Celeste 08/27/10 09:16 pm So nice to see those photos, particularly since I never got a chance this summer to go in person. No easy feat taking photos from a boat either! Really great photos! Thank you!
Tiger 08/28/10 03:52 am Great pictures terryo. Sad that when a DPOF juve appears now we do not have a clue about its life! :(
DaisyG 08/28/10 05:28 am Thanks terryo, your pics are really great.
Pam 08/28/10 06:36 am I really appreciate your updates from "our" nest Terry.
Shelley 08/28/10 06:42 am Great pics, Terry. Have they taken down the camera? I don't see it. It was such a *landmark* to ID this nest. :-(
Tim P 08/28/10 06:50 am Nice photos, smart to get out there before it ends.
There were two young at that nest,did you notice another ? I looked @ 6 nests yesterday couldnt find a female.
Nancy L 08/28/10 01:10 pm Love your photos, Terry. Thanks, as always.
martyc35 08/28/10 01:16 pm Thank you so much, Terry. It's great to get these close-up shots of the new ospreys, and the other birds are great, too. I have a shot of that (or another) GBH that landed on the DPOF nest one time after the osprey family had left: HERE.
terryo 08/28/10 02:02 pm Shelley the Post-Morrow Foundation took the cam down but left the hardware used to attach the cam to the nest and the cam perch intact. Tim I found another really neat spot to observe the nest, its only about 12-15" deep and 3ft across and a paddle is useless but you can sort of push/pull yourself along the passage. That's where I stayed for about 45 minutes (the horseflies took their pound of flesh) and I only saw the one juvie on the nest. I did see 2 other ospreys fishing over at Big Fish Creek Pond but way to far away to id them.
Tom I 08/30/10 07:40 am In my several outings near the DPOF nest this year, I have only seen one young osprey in it. I guess that's better than some of the other nests that were failures - like Sunrise Hwy nests, Indian Landing @ Wertheim and others. All that heavy spring rain must have made it hard to be successful this year.
martyc35 08/30/10 01:54 pm Thanks for the info, Tom. Better one than none.
Lyn 09/01/10 08:46 pm Enjoyed your photos as always terryo. My only Osprey sighting was in passing, out east by the side of the road on Montauk Hwy. Two osprey on the nest, not bothered by the traffic at all. It was quite a thrill to see so unexpectedly.

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