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Thread subject: Hawkwatches
Name Date Message
Melanie 09/20/10 05:04 pm I just got a report from friends in Rehoboth Delaware (Cape Henlopen) who were participating in a local hawkwatch - yesterday they had a record breaking 1475 Raptors go through on 9/19 - 70 were osprey and so far this year they have had nearly 2400 osprey so far.

Hawk Mountain, by contrast, has had a total of 365 to date with 10 osprey yesterday.
Pamela 09/20/10 05:41 pm Wow!!!
Last year's Osprey total noted in Hawk Mountain's archive dating Sept. 19 was 237 compared to 365 currently listed.
Wondering if the numbers show nest dispersion or climate and wind factors.
Celeste 09/20/10 09:38 pm The skies are BUSY!!!!!:-)
Anne 09/21/10 05:51 am Is that near Cape May? I do so want to go to the US for raptor migration.

Last week I was on the east coast of England taking part in a vis mig project. It was terrible for hawks and passerines because of a week of strong NW winds. BUT - sea watching was amazing because thousands of sea birds incl 400 Sooty shearwaters had been blown from the N Atlantic into the North Sea and they were all trying to get back to the top of the UK. Obviously they dont know they could carry on and get back via the English Channel.
Melanie 09/21/10 12:53 pm It is just a hop, skip and a flap across the Delaware River from Cape May - it's also where the Cape May/Lewes Beach Ferries leave from, so it's part of the Atlantic flyway
martyc35 09/21/10 01:36 pm There was an inquiry from a TX observer in the most recent Dawn Chorus BirdBlog. Apparently, at least some of the Broad Winged Hawks eventually head south from the TX coast. They fly over in formations called "kettles," something I had never known. One documentary I saw on PBS followed some Broad Wings from Hawk Mountain down through Texas. I don't know whether the Cape Henlopen travelers follow a similar path.
Melanie 09/22/10 09:57 am Yes - many hawks "kettle" on their way south - not so much when they return in the spring. There have only been a total of 150 Broadwings through Henlopen so far this fall whereas 5000 have passed through Hawk Mountain

I would post the Henlopen website but they don't seem to be keeping that up to date. The reason I know about this weekends numbers was I was sent a picture of the tally board.

I have a list of reporting websites for the east coast hawk watches at home. I will try to post that tonight

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