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Thread subject: Injured Osprey Released
Name Date Message
Anne 09/21/10 06:02 am Heres one Osprey that did recover in captivity. Pictures. It was released close to where Anne UK lives btw.
SamiS 09/21/10 07:27 am Thanks for the pics! I'm glad that this osprey did recover and is well on its way toward Africa!

It brought back memories of Koo from the Hailuoto nest. . .
martyc35 09/21/10 01:30 pm Bon voyage, majestic osprey! It's so great to be a part of these international osprey adventures!
Anne UK1 09/21/10 05:26 pm Anne, I'm so pleased you found those photos. I picked up the story on Sunday evening on a local bird forum. I emailed the chap who posted it, but have received no reply so far, unfortunately. I'd like to know if the ring number was checked with Roy Dennis to see where the bird came from.

I did find some photos on his website though. It looks as if the bird was cared for for at least 9 days (possibly without eating anything). Do we all agree this is a juvie? Not the best start to its first migration.

This is the message Paul Kennedy posted - the bird forum is strictly for posting sightings of birds, no discussion allowed, which is really frustrating.

Rehabilitated Osprey release at Shapwick

Just to let people know, we shall be releasing an Osprey at Shapwick tomorrow (Sunday 19th), so keep an eye out for it! Has a BTO ring on right leg, will be about sometime after midday.

Was tangled in netting over a fishery at Bampton and had damaged it's propatagium, will not feed in captivity (although others report that they feed fine), is flying fine now as far as we can tell. Fingers crossed it'll be ok.

I don't imagine it will hang around for more than a minute, so no blinking...

And here are the photos I found on his website -
Link to photos

Anne UK1 09/21/10 05:32 pm Oh silly me, I looked at the pictures link on Anne's post, but didn't notice the link to the story. That answers all my questions! I did wonder what state the juvie would be in after nine days without food, so I'm relieved to read that they'd managed to tube feed it.

Thanks for the links Anne :)
Celeste 09/21/10 06:40 pm How wonderful they must have all felt that they could successfully release this osprey. Do hope it flies safe!
Anne 09/22/10 03:29 pm I took it that the RSPB had ringed it whilst in captivity. They couldn't colour ring because they wouldn't know where it was born would they.
Anne UK1 09/22/10 05:36 pm Oh, you might be right Anne. I was puzzled why there wasn't a colour ring, but then I don't really know how the system works - I'd assumed it just depended on the individual ringer whether one was fitted.

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