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Thread subject: Thanet Wind Farm - UK
Name Date Message
Melanie 09/23/10 10:29 am I just read an article about the Thanet Wind Farm in Kent. Knowing how much uproar they can sometimes cause here in the States, how was this received? Was it generally OK or were there any strenuous objections and by which groups?
BOB4 09/23/10 11:43 am I think these wind farms are going to become obsolete in the very near future. There is something on the market now called the "BLOOM BOX".. it is a fuel cell than on natural gas.
BOB4 09/23/10 11:44 am Sorry about the link.
martyc35 09/23/10 12:36 pm LINK
Anne 09/23/10 12:44 pm People are becoming more relaxed about wind farms over here probably because bodies such as the RSPB are saying that the environmental damage is negligible. Personally I am not convinced. They are putting these farms on all the shell beds around the coast, beds where thousands and thousands of sea ducks winter. And of course many of these are on migration routes. Others are being built on moorland where many rare raptors breed.

The public have been brainwashed into thinking that wind power is the only solution when in fact they are only effective for 30% of the time - its either too calm or too windy most of the time. On the west coast of Britain we have 10 metre tides coming in twice a day - why cant that energy be harnessed? What about wave power? Ooooh - dont get me going!
martyc35 09/23/10 01:23 pm Robert Louis Stevenson's father, lighthouse engineer, went batty trying to harness wave power in Scotland and England. He'd build huge rock walls to contain the tides and waves, and then one powerful storm would come along and knock them all out. Drove him crazy, and RLS ran away rather than follow in his father's footsteps. Just sayin'.
Tiger 09/23/10 02:57 pm There is only one big problem about wind farms. They do not do what they say on the box. They are presented as being environmentally friendly but what about the CO2 produced in making the turbines in the first place? This makes them one of the most expensive in terms of their carbon footprint. as they produce relatively little power.

Also they will do damage to birds and people object to the noise they make.
Tiger 09/23/10 05:07 pm Hear what this man has got to say about windmills. He is, in my opinion, one of the best speakers I have ever heard.

Listen at Lecture
DaisyG 09/24/10 06:01 am I totally agree with you re wind farms and don't understand why they continue to build them knowing how wasteful and ineffective they are. Crazy.

Tiger, your link took an age to connect and then came up with an error message. I do know the lecture you mean though. Yes a very interesting speaker indeed.
Tiger 09/24/10 07:31 am I had to update Quicktime before it played. I would say that he is probably the 4th best speaker I have ever heard and the three I consider better were all Nobel Prize winners.
Melanie 09/24/10 07:57 am Audubon has come out in favor of wind farms over here as well. I'm still undecided. That we need to aggressively develop alternate energy sources is a no-brainer but why both supposed bird-advocate groups come out in favor of them is baffling.

There is a huge fight going on over a proposed wind farm between Cape Cod and Nantucket Island and it's turned into a very ugly fight - it has actually gotten to the federal level and is still being fought. At this point there is so much conflicting information that I'm not sure anyone really knows what to believe anymore.
Anne 09/24/10 10:32 am Aaargghhh - I took that boat trip to Nantucket two years ago in October and the water was teeming with birds. And such a beautiful evocative place would be ruined by those ugly monsters. Thats terrible.

I just dont understand why RSPB and Audubon are backing windfarms. A few years ago we were in Andalusia for autumn migration and we were appalled by the battery of turbines birds faced as they tried to gain height to cross the Straits of Gibralter. We met some environmentalists there who were researching the numbers of birds killed and they told us it was so bad that the biodiversity of the area had changed. All sorts of mammals had moved in because they were able to live on all the dead birds. Resident Griffon vultures were regularly attracted to the carcasses - only to be killed themselves. Years later the EC have still done nothing about it.

Finally, the reason governments are supporting wind turbines is because its the cheapest short term option and because lobbyists tell them what they want to hear.
BOB4 09/24/10 01:44 pm Audubon is in favor of wind farms because it is "green" technology. The big issue I have with these wind farms is the maintenance and cost of taking them down at some point in time. Right now the energy costs are high and these farms look attractive. Once new technology comes out and the price of energy drops, people are stuck with these farms and it will cost millions to get rid of them. In the end it will cost more than you save and birds will be caught in the middle
Tiger 09/26/10 07:49 am Anne have you listened to the audio I posted? I think you will find that wind turbines just do not make a lot of sense even from a CO2 point of view.
Anne 09/27/10 07:22 am Yes I did Tiger.

BOB4 - there are islands in the Med with abandoned rusty old turbine wind farms. The interior of Lesbos for example has been ruined, they dont seem to be recovering the structures at all. The only good thing is that the blades are not turning.

It puts me in mind of the old whaling stations in the Arctic and Antarctic. We have taken all the whale oil we could and then left beautiful places such as South Georgia an industrial wasteland in places. We are destroying the life on this planet and leaving it an uglier place.

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